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Does your business card or email signature list a certification or fellowship credential? (Poll Closed)

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  • MD FACP FAMIA, etc. - 4 weeks ago

    I don't include all of my credentials nor do I include an inspirational saying though I'm always tempted to add a sardonic one.

    Among my peers, we always laughed at the insecurity signaled by the old-school equivalent, people whose offices were plastered with all their diplomas and awards. However, an article this week on what telehealth patients like to see was interesting ( Apparently telehealth patients prefer seeing diplomas over a blank wall and a blank wall over a view of your kitchen.

    Perhaps signature blocks should be customized to one's audience.

  • Gerald Greeley - 4 weeks ago

    I no longer list them but earlier in my career I felt it was important to list these. I worked in a health system that overly emphasized the need to show any and all credentials both earned and purchased.

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