Do you want Facebook to return to its previous Terms of Use?

  • roz storms - 11 years ago

    yes i want the old facebook back what ever the change was i cant log into facebook they screwed up my emails password im stiil trying to get back leave things alone i had no problem with the old one now i have all kinds of amess

  • Anraiki - 12 years ago

    Well this quite sums up the NEW ToS, and it quite abuses the user as well. It like following a great leader, then all of a sudden he jumps off the bridge but also tells everyone to follow him.

  • chris - 12 years ago

    Well, I'm not taking any risks. I just deleted my facebook account. I'm not about to use a site who's TOS I disagree with. It's not like my friends can't find my blog or visit my other social sites.

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