What the hell?! (Poll Closed)

  • This is a joke gone wrong

  • Delonas is a racist

  • Obama didn't WRITE the bill, everyone just calm down.

  • Yeah, this is bad

  • Other

Posted 10 years.


  • Mark - 10 years ago

    This has nothing to do with racism unless you are a liberal which in and of itself defines racist. Capice???

  • Scott - 10 years ago

    Get a life. Whomever the group of persons that wrote the bill WERE IDIOT's. Yes, even a monkey could have done better with a dart board. You read into what you want about the cartoon but its true. Racism is in the eyes of the beholder. Everything is about race didn't you know. So, the truth is out. Now we can say it---it was not a stimulus bill that became law. This was FAR FROM being a stimulus law.

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