How would you rate the quality of health care in your community?


  • CF86 - 3 weeks ago

    I'm not going to say anything about the doctor's themselves but the nursing staff have become arrogant and have bloated egos ever since COVID and after everyone told them they were so damn essential unfortunately they have let it go to their heads I used to work as an HCA myself and have watched the total change in attitude as the older more experienced nurses have been retiring or retired I have a few nurses in my family and they say they same thing it's the generational shift in attitude from the boomers and gen x to millennials and gen z

  • Mark - 3 weeks ago

    Nothing but push you out the door work prescriptions. No actual help me and my son have had different issues same results from Healthcare, most are there for a check not actual work.

  • Knobby - 3 weeks ago

    I’d say the health care is decent considering how badly the BC government has mismanaged the health care system . Much like the tax payers of Victoria who’s tax money is squandered by a bunch of dopes, they should print more trading cards of the local government's biggest losers ,

  • Well now! - 3 weeks ago

    B.C. Medical as silently and consistantly reduced services to it's citizens. User fees for service works well if you have private insurance or you are wealthy and can afford the care you require. However, many do not fall into either of those categories, therefore have to forgo treatments necessary to maintain their health. I think the whole system needs to be revamped.

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