Who Should Be MSNBC's 10pm Host?

  • PB Brown - 12 years ago

    Sam Seder is the voice America needs to hear. He's informed, educated, and with his witty delivery, MSNBC's ratings would soar.

  • Rachel - 12 years ago

    Cenk Uygur would totally make MSNBC an amazing media source. He is the cut-the-crap type: He not only parrots statistics, states the facts, and spews what the government want us to think, he reports on what's actually happening and analyzes which accuracy. He's funny, unorthodox, likeable, and uses common sense, unlike many other reporters (hem hem...Glenn Beck). His popularity will draw viewers to MSNBC, escalating their ratings. A win win situation. He'll get on eventually. He's got the TYT army behind him, doing what ever it takes to secure a place for him on MSNBC.

  • Trinn - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur!! TYT is my favorite source for entertainment and information!

  • Dodd - 13 years ago

    whoever it may be, I certainly hope they dont fill the timeslot with rants about what stupidity bill o'reilly has spewed out of his mouth today...

  • anthony Borrero - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur

  • Incog Liberal - 13 years ago

    How about Ron Reagan Jr?

    I saw Ed Schultz fill last week. Was that a tryout?

  • eastern OR - 13 years ago

    Cenk all the way. I love the Young Turks. I love his guest hosts, and he is such a nice guy.

  • eddy soto - 13 years ago


    "of coooooooooooooooooourse!!"

  • Alika - 13 years ago

    Cenk, always brings the relevant issues on the table

    Viewer from Canada

  • Steve M - 13 years ago

    GO CENK ! We're all rooting for ya

  • John - 13 years ago

    NO CENK! A lot of gays know him as a subtle homophobe. You think Rachel's audience is going to stick around for that? Not me, hon. And Sam's a billion times smarter than him any way. Cenk's just an overgrown fratboy.

  • Michael Monetta - 13 years ago

    I've listened to just about every show that's out there and Cenk is by far the best Host in the country. MSNBC has a golden opportunity to put someone on TV that is a true populist. Someone who actually speaks for the great majority of us. I used to watch MSNBC every night but it's gotten too BORING. Every show has the same talking points. Cenk always mixes it up and keeps it entertaining, I don't know how he does it, but the show is ALWAYS fantastic. He brings an enthusiasm and personality to his show that is unmatched in the American news scene. I would never miss a show if they hire him. This shouldn't be a hard decision for MSNBC. Take a chance guys, what's the worst that can happen? it doesn't work out and you can play more prison shows.

  • vikingblood - 13 years ago

    Cenk for MSNBC! T Y T !

  • LaPiedra - 13 years ago

    There is no contest. Cenk and TYT rule the world and that's all there is to it. I used to watch CNN news, then I refused to have cable and tv, becuase I've rarely ever had it in my life. I had to give up those brief, precious glimpses of Michael Ware, yet, I digress. Then I would stream CNN online, because it was there, or CSPAN, but that gets dry. I don't really know how I stumbled onto TYT, but I haven't stopped watching since. I became a member right away. TYT is my primary source of commentary, and god bless that Cenk Uygur's soul, because, as well as offering up the cutting edge straight talk that I almost always concur with, he just plain cracks me up.

  • David - 13 years ago

    Going to bed at 10pm, I usually watch TV before I fall asleep. I usually watch the local news and then pass out. If you get Cenk from the TYT, I will switch to MSNBC @ 10pm every night.

  • Alexandre - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur will be in MSNBC what Obama became in politics = The great surprise of the guy with the "funny name" !
    Give him his chance.
    Regards. Alexandre

  • je boi - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur is the perfect choice. id love to see him on MSNBC!

  • Ludwig Chafen - 13 years ago


  • Kirk Nguyen - 13 years ago

    Others get the fuck out.

  • Gigi - 13 years ago

    Sam Seder is young & fresh..he Rocks..

  • Kev H - 13 years ago

    Take it home TYT! Cenk is a mixbag of entertainment and news that MSNBC wont be that foolish to pass up.

  • ESB - 13 years ago

    I vote Cenk Uygar for MSNBC 10:00 time slot. Why? He is simply THE best news host on the web right now. His segments are innovative, entertaining, and very informative. He explains important and critical points of complex topics and breaks them down into informative information for his viewers to understand and form their own opinions on the matters at hand, while providing a semi-comedic approach to keep the show extremely entertaining. It is a fresh source of news that strays away from the boring and mundane hosts that are on TV now days. Most importantly, Cenk reaches out and connects with his listeners like no other news host I've seen. This is the only newscast that draws me in enough to watch it religiously. Cenk is the right choice for the time slot. To all of TYT Nation, it's time to get Cenk and TYT the time slot. I guarantee he will be one of the best news host for years to come. It's time for the next generation of news hosts to shine. It's our time. It's time for OUR show to be aired on prime television. Let's go get 'em TYT!

  • Shawn - 13 years ago

    Finally someone put Cenk on the poll, he deserves the slot. I would be much more inclined to watch him on cable, then what's on now.
    Cenk and TYT for the win!!!

  • Mark K. - 13 years ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MSNBC, LET CENK HAVE HIS TURN! I don't watch political shows too often, but Cenk just has this humorous yet informative way of getting his message across, I can't help but to listen.

  • Dit-Dot - 13 years ago

    Seder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He keeps me laughing. He's knows his stuff. He's great at interviewing. He would be a nice bridge to late night tv. My vote is for Sam.

  • Tim Yoko - 13 years ago

    Uygur would be bold and cutting edge... Seder would be just the third hour of Olberman/Maddow, and two hours is enough for me... Again, the conclusion is inescapeable my friends, it must be Cenk Uygur.

  • James - 13 years ago

    Cenk Ugyur all the way.

  • Tim Yoko - 13 years ago

    The conclusion is inescapeable... It must be Cenk Uygur. We don't need another Olberman or Scarborough... we need someone who searches for the truth, and not someone who searches for the angles that suit their ideology. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy listening to both Olberman and Scarborough (and Maddow), but if I truly want to LEARN, I turn to Cenk.

  • Bill V - 13 years ago

    Cenk as a sidekick to Stephanie! Perfect!

  • pub bas - 13 years ago


  • Polly - 13 years ago

    I want tyt on MSNBC

  • Giant Mike - 13 years ago

    Cenk is your man!

  • John Istanbul - 13 years ago

    Cenk is the best in the west...

  • catharine - 13 years ago

    Sam Seder is much more knowledgeable than most, and certainly than Cenk.

    Besides, with Cenk ... well... he has issues with women, i.e. he's a male chauvinist. I have tried watching him, and found him to be an ass who isn't all that knowledgable about politics, and certainly isn't remotely left leaning at all. Click.

    And Sam has comedic street cred. Cenk?! You have to be kidding me.

    Sam was there when Kos was first getting started, and look at the audience now.

  • John - 13 years ago

    My vote goes to Seder. Most of the other people on the list are simply commentators in the vein of Keith and Rachel. MSNBC needs something different for their third hour. Sam brings and element of comedy that would end the block well and would offer something different not only from Keith and Rachel, but from the competing shows by Van Susteren and Cooper at 10.

    Sam has become, in my opinion, one of the most compelling progressive hosts out there during his time at Air America; I hope MSNBC gives him a chance to shine.

  • heavenlypennies - 13 years ago

    NBC is already starting to see the reality that so many of us watch TV via the web (HULU rocks BTW), and TYT host Cenk is what most of us watch if they've already seen Olbermann that day... I'd watch Cenk if he was on at 10... at least until Jon Stewart is on anyway... Seder is cool, but I don't think enough of the mainstream public will find him very palatable...

  • Cassie - 13 years ago

    The Young Turks Cenk Uygur all the way!

  • Karen Ball - 13 years ago

    I have three addictions: Olbermann at 8, Maddow at 9, and the Young Turks podcast everyday! If Cenk got the 10:00 slot, it would be the trifecta! I hope MSNBC sees his talent.

  • William - 13 years ago

    I would like to see Cenk.

  • Scott - 13 years ago

    Cenk!!!! TYT nation

  • Chris - 13 years ago

    Bill Maher can tell a joke while making a point. Cenk can make a point, but listening to him deliver a joke is like watching Rosie O'Donnell model except without the humor.

  • 60th Street - 13 years ago


    Sammy is the best and knows everyone in the blogosphere, politics and news! If you wanna see all of your favorite lefty bloggers on the teevee, see great interviews and laugh at the right wing until they fizzle away vote SEDER!

  • No Weak Sauce - 13 years ago

    Its Cenk Bitch.... Elbow from the sky!!!!

  • TVER - 13 years ago


  • FG - 13 years ago

    He can be dirty, he can be clean, hes wrong on some things, right on most!

  • tkrynski - 13 years ago

    Cenk has a mind-numbingly awesome combination of analysis and entertainment.

  • Joan - 13 years ago

    Cenk is stuffing the ballot box Most of the world has never heard of him---keep him close to his 30000 boys on online.

  • Jim Brown - 13 years ago

    Cenk is hands-down my favorite progressive talk show host. He is a no-bull type of guy with what I believe is spot-on commentary on any given subject. His delivery is well-articulated, dynamic, and engaging. I also believe that his former membership in the GOP provides him with a weapon to wield against the far right who are dismissive of any progressive opinions, labeling those who espouse such opinions as left-wing radicals. I for one would TiVo his program daily were it to come to fruition.

  • Paul - 13 years ago

    Cenk and TYT ftw!

  • Nancy - 13 years ago

    Cenk, his analysis is really top-notch, he is always discussing current topics and doesn't have any gimmicky parts to his show, all good political commentary work.

  • Jon Mermelstein - 13 years ago

    if it's stephanie miller it might be an interesting idea altough it'd fail miserably. Sam Seder would be great but i'm not sure the ratings would be there. On the other hand, Bill Maher would get ratings through the roof

  • Kevin Luu - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur for the 10pm MSNBC time slot. He's passionate, smart and witty in all things politics and news. His stories are engaging and thought-provoking due to the research he does before hand. MSNBC would miss out if they didn't offer him the time slot.

    - Kevin Luu

  • totheleft - 13 years ago

    I agree with rags33.

    In the aforementioned blog, Cenk makes the mistake of asking us to cut the cartoonist some slack and show greater tolerance for those who attempt to discuss race but sometimes come off as racist. In terms of the latter, fair enough - I'm all in favor of enabling people to speak freely about race in a quest to overcome their inherent biases. We all need to partake in this process. But when it comes to the press - the people who are paid to deliver information to the public, the people who have such a stronghold of the minds of readers and viewers - we cannot and should not stand for racism to be spewed without their spewer suffering a consequence. I cannot respect a host/journalist/politico if he does not believe racist press coverage should meet with consequence and condemnation.

  • rags33 - 13 years ago

    Cenk should be disqualified from this voting process for the preposterous blog he wrote today, in which he suggested that the NY Post cartoonist may not have realized the racist undertones of his drawings. Sorry, my dear, Cenk. You can not have your own show on MSNBC if you are going to be this naive.

  • Petitveritas - 13 years ago

    Geaux Cenk!!

  • mom1951 - 13 years ago

    Carlos Watson is going to be a star and here is the perfect place for him to start. That position calls for someone with energy, intellect, and style. Carlos has all three. Everyone he interviews on the news hour seems to enjoy talking to him. I bet he'll bring in the best guests.

  • pghtytfan - 13 years ago

    TYT Nation, CENK FOR THE SHOW!!!

  • vimmryan - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur for MSNBC! Go TYT!

  • plustikbid - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur / MSNBC

  • cankisa - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur / MSNBC 2009 !!!

  • Kates - 13 years ago

    Carlos - nice to look at and to listen to;)

  • SCB - 13 years ago

    Watson without a doubt. Let's get someone smart and fresh to round out this great line-up.

  • LeftRoss - 13 years ago

    Sam Seder is the smartest and most well spoken of this group. I like Cenk, but he talks out of his butt too much.

  • Richard Wang - 13 years ago

    I guess it depends on the format. For news, I like Cenk. For comedy Bill Maher. When the news is comedy have them both on together....

  • Enrico Pilatzo - 13 years ago

    Cenk is the only choice. He will be a perfect bridge between Maddow/Keith viewers into the Daily Show and Colbert. If he gets the slot, I will purchase cable the very next day.

  • Matt Herlihy - 13 years ago

    They would be smart to pick up Cenk, he's popular and has a built in audience, but I think he has the sound level of analysis that MSNBC has worked to build with all of their pundits. He's not just some average disk jockey who can run his mouth for 3 hours, he has really cogent analysis and commentary.

    He's a lot like Rachel Maddow, in that he's way over-educated, and also like Rachel Maddow you won't hear him mentioning it.

  • Bill - 13 years ago


    He'll come out and hit ya in the mouth! Number 1!

    Smart, funny, doesn't always tow the party line and a beautiful human being on top of it all--and I hope that didn't sound too gay, but Cenk is a solid, standup guy. But the real reason I want him on MSNBC is so every word editor I use WON't underline Cenk in a squiggly red line!

  • Francis - 13 years ago

    Cenk rules!!!

  • michael - 13 years ago

    Well, it's obvious who's gonna win. But the REAL question is: Will MSNBC pick up TYT? I mean, they've already got a 30,000-man fanbase from the internet, so ratings would probably start out with a boost.

  • Marco Correa - 13 years ago

    Cenk for MSNBC

  • Rachel - 13 years ago

    Cenk all the way! I keep refreshing the poll, and his percent lead goes up every time. A clear plurality :)

  • Ryan King - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur all the way.

  • cindy - 13 years ago

    willie geist all the way! he would be fanstastic!

  • oldgerman - 13 years ago

    Cenk Uygur / MSNBC 2009

  • bart - 13 years ago

    Their are too many names. No one has a majority.
    Anyway, by 10pm. I would think more people are
    watching local news, sports, etc. other than anyone
    of these names mentioned above. At 10, we are
    NONE for the nite watching these loud, pompous
    boobs. HEAR THAT OLBERMANN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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