Should Justin Trudeau step down as leader of the Liberal Party?


  • Hmmmm - 4 weeks ago

    Unfortunately he's the only one that will do something, albeit small, about climate change.
    Sad we don't have politicians that have the desire, will, and balls to do something other than think charging money will slow climate change

  • Sarah C. - 4 weeks ago

    I knew JT wasn't a true leader when he bought the TMX pipeline for billions of taxpayers' $$ exactly 1 day after publicly acknowledging the Climate crisis... & when he sent gun-toting cops to squash non-violent protests (full of fams w kids) VS. his mandates on untested meds (the "vax")... & when he refused to call for ceasefire in Palestine, & instead copied the U.S.'s backing of IDF terrorists... (WHY do we get such inept PMs?!!) VOTE GREENS 4 a better future!

  • Herb - 4 weeks ago

    Why would he? He will win by the Manitoba border , BC won’t count

  • Db - 4 weeks ago

    Please stay in as prime minister so he gets the humiliation of being voted out

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