iPhone 3G vs. Palm Pre

  • CM - 12 years ago

    I've had my Palm Pre for a few days, and [as a side note] I don't bring any bitter experience from an iPhone into my review. I love the interface of the Pre and how smoothly it functions. It is by far the best smart phone in the market in that regard. The ease of multi-tasking by flicking and swiping programs is great! It is so fluid and smooth. Moving in and out of apps, keeping them open or running while working another is hands down the best feature of this phone. I venture to say women - who tend to be great multitaskers will love it! The Gesture Bar is genius - absolutely love it!! However, The Pre lacks in ap volume. My wife has the Moment by Sprint, and that thing has a plethora of apps - and most of them are free....and goods at that. The Pre on the other hand, has about 30-40% of the aps that Android phones offer, and I find that a lot them are not very good. And the ones that are you have to pay for. Sprint really needs to get some good developers concentrating on good aps for this phone in order to really impact the market. The Pre has so much potential function wise, but needs MORE APS & a higher percentage of FREE ones. That's my two cents.

  • Rob - 12 years ago

    its very hard to convince an avid iphone follower to accept what is happening just as it is pretty damn hard to convince some in our country that Barack Obama is not Adolf Hilter. If someone doesn't like something they will make whatever excuse they need to validate them not liking it if its true or not. Why do you think we havent been visited by Aliens yet? Please. They would come in peace and we would attack them the instant we didn't like what we heard. I just got the Pre and it does have a bit of a learning curve but it is a decent phone and with a carrier that doesn't nickle and dime you to the point of you wanting to cancel your contract within the first month like AT&T. Sprint still pays for most of the phone anyway. I would like to punch in the face the third party jerks who made the screen protectors for the Pre. Great job sizing it to the screen. Bad job in making them so they could adhere to the screen. The instructions don't say anything about picking the corner with your nail to get it loose. That and their instructions suck too. I like the Iphone but I won't buy it if all it will do is collect dust because it costs too much to actually use it. I would love to see a sulking Apple exec go to CEO Dan Hesse of Sprint and ask if they could work a deal to get the Iphone into Sprint just to be laughed at with a "told you so and you had your chance" rejection. Apple is already starting to get back what they have dealt to consumers dime for dime. I think Palm has made a very smart move with sprint and this will pull them out of the dumps for sure.

  • zane - 12 years ago

    I think its funny how you guys are complaining it doesnt exist when it does in the states. It's a totaly cute phone, stop complaining already sheesh!

  • john smith - 12 years ago

    HTC touch diamond for me! (but I still chose iPhone, Diamond and iPhone not much different, and soooo many apps!)

  • mike - 12 years ago

    Rex Overbey wrote: "Palm pre has a small screen, uses java for games, on sprint (ugh)"

    Um...Rex...you're living in 2002. Sprint isn't great, but it's nowhere near as bad as AT&T these days. In my market at least (Chicago), Sprint runs circles around AT&T both in coverage and data speed.

  • mike - 12 years ago

    LOL. The Apple fanboy gestapo is out in full force this week.

  • Kenny - 12 years ago

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  • slappy - 12 years ago

    Yep this poll guarantees that the Palm Pre will kill and blow away the iPhone 3G and whatever new versions come out. Riiight.

  • Tech Geek - 12 years ago

    Gizmodo called the Pre "simply amazing"

    Palm's Pre Getting Good Reviews, So Far

    Jeff Bertolucci

    Jan 9, 2009 11:37 am

    The early buzz is favorable for the Palm Pre, the vendor's new smart phone that is earning praise from reviewers who've had a chance to play with it. The device, which combines a touch screen with a slide-out QWERY keyboard, was introduced yesterday at CES 2009 in Las Vegas. The Pre features Palm's much-anticipated Web OS operating system, and will be available on the Sprint 3G network in the first half of 2009.

    Engadget applauded the "grace and simplicity" of the Pre's interface, which it says "outclasses most of its competition on a number of levels, and actually may be quite a bit more revolutionary than the iPhone." No small praise there.

    Gizmodo called the Pre "simply amazing" and said the device may be "the most important handset to be announced in two years." The software, screen quality, and camera earned the strongest praise, but the hardware design could be better, wrote reviewer Adrian Covert.

    MobileDevicesToday also gave kudos to the user interface: "The UI is smooth and works pretty seamlessly as they've showed. Palm's always understood how to do a good mobile UI and it's clear that they've applied everything they've learned over the years to this device and platform," wrote Michael Gartenberg.

    Other reviewers focused on Palm's well-publicized financial woes, and suggested that the Pre may give the struggling company a much-needed shot in the arm. Blogging live from the Palm press conference in Vegas, Ryan Block wrote "there's little doubt that Palm is back in a big way, and that this OS and device have the potential to make up for many of their missteps over the last five years."

    Some pundits, however, question whether Palm can pull of a successful comeback. Om Malik of GigaOM, who admits that he's tempted to try out the Pre, wonders if the smart phone is really an iPhone killer. "I don't think Pre has done anything to move the needle forward," he writes. "In a market where the iPhone sets the pace, Palm is woefully behind the curve."

    These are all just first impressions, of course, as nobody's gotten a chance to fully test the Palm Pre yet. So is the smart phone an iPhone killer? Stay tuned.


  • James - 12 years ago

    AT&T Coverage and web surfing is not so great in NYC, so it's the Pre for me by far. I'd be willing to see what Apple comes up with in June, but if they don't put an equivalent of mms/picturemail/whatever on their phone, and they don't include a flash on their camera, that would be just plain obnoxious.

  • dboy - 12 years ago

    G1 for me baby!!!!

  • Jeg - 12 years ago

    Hahaha, interesting that most of the comments came from apple fanboys, probably because they see their precious iPhone loosing in a contest that's about which one of them would you choose.

    I find most of their reasons with what they slate the Pre funny and desperate :)
    It's just unreal. Like when they say "Pre doesn't exist": well it does and very soon you can even buy it. Or when they claim "it's non-existing(see previous) or untested platform": that didn't put them off buying the iPhone in the first place... wierd :)

  • fredders - 13 years ago

    Hmmm, Pre is a phone not even on the market yet. Software? Ha, a non existing platform yet. Compared to the iPhone almost 1year old well tested model. And how many apps do we have in the appstore? Yes, 25.000, of wich many are crap ofcourse, but anyway, thousands of good ones. And, no, Apple is not resting. It will be a nice spring indeed!

  • Jason - 13 years ago

    I find it funny that the Pre is killing the iphone and so all the blind apple followers are complaining in the comments. Some of the stuff that the iphone followers have said is just plain wrong like the pre running java games and tat sprints network is bad. Native Pre aps run on javascript, html5, and css not to mention that they use Mojo to enhance that. Any Moron who can't tell the diffrence between java and javascript doesn't deserve to talk aout which phone is better. And sprint has the top 3g rating in the USA.

  • Nico - 13 years ago

    We should be comparing the Pre to what we think the next generation iPhone will be!!! The iPhone 3G should be compared to 2008 phones. Apple has got to coming out with something bigger and better this year. They watched all the so called 'iphone killers' all fall short. Apple knows what people are missing in the iPhone 3G and what people want the phone to be. iPhone may not be perfect....yet. But it has proven itself unlike the Pre. The Pre going to Sprints CDMA network is a joke. I'll go for the next generation iPhone.

  • Rex Overbey - 13 years ago

    Palm pre has a small screen, uses java for games, on sprint (ugh), will be lacking in apps/acessories/modding community, is not a tested platform OS which will probably be buggy based on other palm based Operating systems, and of now is vaporware. You might as well be comparing pre to the next iphone release that will blow pre specs out of the water.

  • dark5un - 13 years ago

    Seems that the fanboy's are feeling restless that there could be a far superior contender on the block very soon! The iPhone is good but then again its not really ALL that. Hey it can even do most of the things that my Non i4n competing 5800 Xpress Music has more features & can do 4x better than that missing only the transition looks & multi touch (which really isn't put to that good use).

    Look out people, the Pre is going to be taking a center stage & well if Palm doesn't screw it up, its going to beat the competition hands down!

  • dman2468 - 13 years ago

    funny, one is for sale and making millions, one is just an idea, costing millions. hey let's all put hope in something that doesn't exist.

    come on palm get this phone released before you start talking about how great it is.

  • zerosum - 13 years ago

    I love how the Palm Pre is winning 70%-30%. You fools are voting on a handset that hasn't been released yet, hasn't been confirmed an exact date of when it will be released AND only a few people in the country have been allowed to play with it for more than 25 seconds. You people that voted for the Palm Pre really show how dim witted you are...

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