What is the WORST aspect of air travel? (Poll Closed)

  • Queueing for check in, security, boarding etc

  • Having to check in so early

  • Fellow passengers (bawling babies, recliners&kickers)

  • Waiting for your luggage at the other end

  • Sitting on the runway - waiting to take-off or disembark

  • Hidden charges (excess luggage, credit card booking etc)

  • Lack of seat space

  • Bad staff attitude and customer service

  • Having to bus to and from the plane


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  • John Williams - 11 years ago

    The other aspect is that flying gives no real scale to your travels. You simply board a big tube full of seats at one location and a few hours later you are in a completely different one. You get no real feel for the land in between.

  • Bottle - 11 years ago

    100 ml rule for liquids, sometimes it's quite annoying

  • Chris - 11 years ago

    I wanted to tick more than one box !! I agree wholeheartedly with everything Jon says. Some flight attendants need an attitude transplant. When are they going to realise that if people didn't fly, they would be out of a job?

  • Mr A - 11 years ago

    How about listing the results in percentage order?

  • Jon - 11 years ago

    And what about the petty draconian rules on baggage allowance, packaging and size that are only enforced rigidly at Police State UK airports, while returning from abroad is rarely any hassle at all. Our check in staff are the worst.
    Also, allowing midgets to sit in extra legroom seats should be outlawed.
    Also, in flight announcements are too loud and should be curtailed after 10 mins of flying, to give the customers some peace and quiet.

  • Brian - 11 years ago

    What about awful airport food?!

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