Should campfires automatically be banned every summer?


  • AJ - 2 weeks ago

    People don't camp anymore... they have no idea how to rough it! Go a whole weekend in the middle of the bush, no showers, makeshift toilet, tent( no camper or fifth wheel), camping stove, only water you have is what you bring in, ready to eat meals.

    As for campfires, it's not the fire itself, it's the embers that carry spark when it's windy. 10 feet or 100 feet.. still a risk.

  • CF86 - 2 weeks ago

    They should be kept a certain distance away from anything that could catch or spread fire I do not see an issue if you're at the beach and over 100 ft away from anything flammable and 10 feet away from the water since when did Canada become Nazi Germany

  • Matt - 2 weeks ago

    If they ban campfires then they should ban camping every summer

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