Where should I travel to on the first day of my 30 day journey?

Posted 10 years.


  • Nickolas - 9 years ago

    Definately Paris as it is just soo beautiful. Although depending on where you stay or eat it can be rather expensive. Also as I am a vegeterian I do find that it a bit hard to find good locations to eat out as well.

  • Happy Hotelier - 10 years ago

    It seems as if the poll is still rolling on ... after closing

  • Ricky - 10 years ago

    Got to be amsterdam, smoke some isolator to ease yourself in to the smokey life. ;)

  • @essell2 - 10 years ago

    Paris, bien sur! C'est bon, comme bonbons.

  • @Mandi112 - 10 years ago

    Very good point make about Amsterdam. Although the natives are definitely a very open and friendly lot, there might still be some disruption after the crash this week, and I suspect Paris has more connections too.
    Hope some kind Parisian will offer somewhere to stay to clinch the deal...

  • @philipjohn - 10 years ago

    Get to the tweetup in Amsterdam tonight with @chrisbrogan and @jdevalk

  • Tinselworm - 10 years ago

    More travel options out of Amsterdam by air, sea or land.

  • @DaPupster - 10 years ago

    I'm with @jearle - 1st night in the 'dam could jeapordise whole project! Paris, Paris, Paris.....

  • Lo - 10 years ago

    Assuming that Twitter's percentage penetration is similar in all three, your options for progressing increase as the population of the city increases. With this in mind London is the best bet. However it's likely that you'll want to go further than that. Paris has more people than Amsterdam so I'd go for that.

  • @Mandi112 - 10 years ago

    As you're trying to cover as much ground as possible in as little time, flying direct to Paris from Newcastle (in a matter of 3-4 hours) makes more sense than trains to London and a ferry to Amsterdam...

  • Shepy - 10 years ago

    Amsterdam is he obvious choice, go for it man!


  • Peekay - 10 years ago

    Amsterdam is probably still a little disrupted after the crash. Plus more connections from Paris

  • Mario - 10 years ago

    Going through Moscow/China would surely require visas?

  • TheBookImp - 10 years ago

    Would have thought Paris would be easier for connections.

  • minxlj - 10 years ago

    Amsterdam is a beautiful place for architecture and art, not that most people ever notice ;) Paul is strictly professional, I'm sure. LOL

  • Jessica - 10 years ago

    I just reckon Paris is a better hub than Amsterdam. You can get a train to Moscow, thence to China, for example.

  • 50ft Woman - 10 years ago

    Hmmm - looking at the results there are only 2 things on everyone's mind ;)

  • @jearle - 10 years ago

    It has to be Paris. You'll never make it out of Amsterdam.

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