What would you like to see more of in Quincy Center?

Posted 10 years.


  • Jennifer Malone - 10 years ago

    I agree. My other issue is Dumpy cheapy stores there dirty and unprofessonal.Also need to lower the Liquor Stores. Rediculous .These people are peeing all over the place drunk.

    I think when they redo QUincy Center we will have more violence.
    I wish the Mayor could just fix up what we have and put more professional stores in the center than expanding. Too much drama pretty soon this will be all low income city cause no one wil want to live in it.Well at least the people that have been here for decades.

  • Glenn Caterer - 10 years ago

    As a former business owner, (PhotoQuick of Quincy 1982-2008), I think Quincy Center needs a friendlier City Hall. Meter maids that lurk in the shadows, rules and regulations that make no sense (the "sign police"),
    the road to nowhere which will divert traffic (read business) from entering
    the center. These are just some of the problems that City Hall has created for the business owner. Stop and Shop headquarters took the entire parking garage behind their facility, despite the written bylaw which made the street level area "parking for shoppers IN PERPETUITY." City sidewalk plows break plate-glass storefront windows regularly and the city simply denies such "claims." When I was a kid, there was a sign in the center welcoming people to "Shopperstown, USA." Take a walk through the center on December 22nd and count the shoppers on one hand. What's wrong with Quincy Center is obvious to the owners of the small businesses...CITY HALL!

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