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Posted 10 years.


  • Jennifer - 10 years ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the fluffy stuff? I think it leaves little bits stuck to me, and I don't feel clean. Hubby wanted me to avoid recycled paper, because it is "known" to be so scratchy. He didn't even realize that we were already using 100% recycled. CVS carries their own brand of 100% recycled TP, and so does my local super market.

  • Ashley - 10 years ago

    We actually found 100% recycled, non-chlorine bleached tp at our local grocery store, it's no-name. I have no idea where they get the stuff from, because I sure can't find a brand name like this, but it works for us! Until you go to someone's house where the have the white and fluffy...and realize what you are missing :(

  • Fred - 10 years ago

    we use only recycled toilet paper which is 100% from recycled paper, no virgin forest component. Buy it by the box - 48 rolls, chlorine free and certified..

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