Which charity would you most like to see O.N.E. donate our 2009 Water profits to?

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Posted 10 years.


  • Marie - 9 years ago

    Nobody said anything about neglecting the children. We are just hoping to have this help the homeless shelter animals who have no voice of their own to ask for help. I voted Best Friends, because we can't respect ourselves as human beings sharing this earth with the animals if we don't care about the animals who walk beside us. There are probably many more non-profiits working for children than there are for the animals. It's everyone's own opinion on how they 'save the world'. That's why there are votes. I choose to speak out for the countless cats, dogs, and other animals who can't speak out for themselves.

  • Tee - 9 years ago

    It's great to see companies like O.N.E. use their profits to benefit charitable organizations but I do agree with "Samantha". I'm interested to find out why those 10 were the 10 organizations O.N.E. chose.

    I also strongly agree with "Liz". While we should not be neglecting animals or treating them with abuse, I really don't believe that large amounts of money should be going in that direction when statistics tell us that contaminated and unsafe drinking water kills more than cancer, more than aids, more than war and kills 15 people every minute. Not to mention the animals that drink that water and die as a result as well. Whether the animals "Best Friends" are reaching heal or continue being disabled doesn't affect society. The lives of human beings are more valuable than animals.

    I voted for Feeding America's Hungry Children because I can't stand knowing that there are starving kids in my own metaphorical backyard.

  • Samantha Clemmons - 9 years ago

    It's interesting that None of the charities listed actually provide direct solutions to the global water crisis. onewater.org seems to raise awareness of it, but for THIS product with such clear and identifiable ties, it doesn't make sense to not support one of the MANY charities actually building wells for those third-world people.

  • Liz - 9 years ago

    I'm surprised by the vote tally so far. Since when did caring for animals become more important than caring for our children? Seems a little off to me.

  • kathy patalsky - 10 years ago

    This new product and charity poll is awesome. Good job O.N.E!

    Kathy, healthy-happy-life.com

    ps. It was hard to choose, but I had to vote for "Best Friends" due to my love of animals.

  • Linda - 10 years ago


    Best Friends works with our members -- and with humane groups, individuals and entire communities -- to set up spay/neuter, shelter, foster and adoption programs in neighborhoods, cities, and states throughout the country. Through this work, Best Friends is helping to save and rehabilitate tens of thousands of animals each year.

    Through the online Best Friends Network, the society reaches across the nation and around the world, helping local communities to rescue animals in distress and to create their own No More Homeless Pets communities.



  • Ivano Westin - 10 years ago

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