Should Rihanna testify against Chris Brown?

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  • paul rickyson - 10 years ago

    Chris Brown won't hit Rihanna again the press and media are watching him.

  • paul - 11 years ago


  • kerrbear - 11 years ago

    Rihanna is totally in denial right now. abusive relationships never get better by pouring more love into the abusor, you cant make him stop! The expensive gifts are nice I'm sure and so is all the love and attention he's showing right now to make her feel like its ok, but ultimately from he's the same guy who had the heart to use you as a punching bag and threaten you with death, it wont take long before he does it again. the great sex and beauty and all the love in the world wont change him, he's abusive because of his own demons not you. the best thing to do is leave before you get bloodied even more and trust me i've been there once myself, you will keep getting your beatings, even if a year passes without incident, it will happen and keep happening, and thats not fair to any human being. you may have a low self esteem now but you'll never be the same again. those wounds dont ever heal

  • SS - 11 years ago

    Rhianna needs to think about what's will happen next time and the next....etc... Once a beater always a beater....The man has no respect for his woman and when she gets more popular then that's gone to annoy him and smack he does it again.

  • PamJ - 11 years ago

    Rhianna needs psychological help. She obviously got the impression growing up that violence is OK. It's not.

    This is not the time to turn away, and say it's their own business. Celebrities and ordinary people need to speek out against Chris Brown's actions, and Rhianna's strange acquiesence. Girls and boys should NOT get the message that violently attacking a girlfriend/boyfriend is OK! Take a stand NOW!

  • Alexandra E - 11 years ago

    Brown has to live with the full extent of the law and Rihanna needs to do that as well. They both need to live up to it. Testify against him.

  • lissa novak - 11 years ago

    she is the person who will live with the consequences of her decision and should be afforded the respect of a grown woman with her own mind.

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