Should Neil always follow his muse?


  • J.K.J.W. - 15 years ago

    Neil will do whatever he feels like doing, and we, (true fans), will most probably like it, whatever it is.

  • DeborahYIP - 15 years ago

    NEIL should do whatever he wants to do, wherever and whenever he feels like doing so, in fact this is one of the awesome things about him , about his UNIQUE music, poetry and stage performance !!

  • Bob - 15 years ago

    I have been a neil young fan since probabley 1969... love the guy, but since his S&G album he hasn't come out with that soul wrenching knock out song, that we as neil young followers want to really hear from the guy. Yes We are all getting on in our life and I realize maybe neil is a little tired of it all !! (who knows ??) but you know I still listen all his old stuff... love it more than anything !!! ( always will )

  • ny_fan - 15 years ago


    'Yes, Neil's muse has worked well for him and his music'


    'Neil should do whatever he wants to do'

    the same thing?

    or are we assuming that Neil's muse is somehow independent of the man himself?

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