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  • Mike Scearce - 11 years ago

    As a designer, I would steer away from overtly political references, even though it may all seem nice and rosy and wonderful now, the connotation will be linked with the success or failure of the politics which are beyond your organization's control. What if (heresy) Obama tanks? Time for a new design.

    A designer who seeks opinions is not finished designing. Design is crafted to the facts, the purpose, and the end use of an item.

  • Dan Cave - 11 years ago

    The Badge in the lead has a strong localised theme. The international apeal of the site should probably be reflected in the badge. Then again the super sonics are pretty famous internationally, and they get by with there logo.

    But then again I do like it too.

  • Jayne - 11 years ago

    #2 is the best. I agree that Seattle is the best place in the world. I've only been there once but it was amazing! Such a beautiful city and the people were wonderful!! Go number 2!!

  • VaBeachKevin - 11 years ago

    The first one is too Pepsi/Obama for me.

  • Jeff - 11 years ago

    None of these work. All are too complex. Skip the seattle skyline, are you global or are you seattle? Open the center of the logo for inserting rank no. SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY (did you read Will Strunk?) I suggest you pick up a copy of The Perfection of Marketing (James Connor, 2009) and read the chapter on Branding.
    Your logo types are all three a do over. Keep trying, you will get there. Thanks for the great blogs, very helpful.

  • Robert - 11 years ago

    No. 2 is best, SeoMoz is from Seattle so ... this one's best!

  • Chris - 11 years ago

    Go for number two. I'm biased... Seattle's my favorite place in the world! Go Huskies!!

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