Have You Ever Broken a Keyboard By Typing Too Hard?

  • Yes
    1,568 votes

  • No
    5,868 votes


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  • Emily Lesswater - 9 years ago

    I take my anger out on those little keyboard keys.....Those keys aren't ready for this finger jelly.

  • Steve Morris - 11 years ago

    You really need to be banging those keys to break a keyboard, but I suppose badly made keyboards would break but normal ones I don't think its possible to break purely by typing

  • Daniel Perez - 11 years ago

    I actually broke the "D" key from bashing on it too many times when I use the key shortcut to send an email in Mail OSX. I send a ton of emails a day, so my new keyboard gave out in about 3 months of constant abuse. I was able to get a replacement from the 1 year warranty, but I still catch myself bashing on the D key every so often.

  • Mel Long - 11 years ago

    It's not so much wearing the keys out as rubbing the paint off? My keys on my laptop are OK, but the area around my touchpad and buttons has had the paint rubbed off. Also worn off where my bracelet rubs, and I also have a crack in the plastic around the mouse button. Same thing with my last laptop. Should have one that doesn't have the black plastic painted grey I guess.

  • Spagnoli - 11 years ago

    No not from typing but I cracked a few in half over my knee after a fit of computer rage!

  • turdbaggins - 11 years ago

    does wanking too hard= typing too hard? if so, then yes, I definitely "typed too hard"

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    No, but I've broken my girlfriend's patience by typing to hard... or clicking my mouse... or typing at all...

    she's a bit sensitive it seems.

  • TroLL - 11 years ago

    I have seen several people in the gaming circle, including myself, ware the paint off the WASD keys in less then a year. Same with the painted on logo of a mouse. Its more over use then anything. Seeing as thats a picture of a Mac keyboard, hes ether a graphic artist or plays a lot of WoW.

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