Would you re-elect Obama if the Democrats nationalized healthcare?

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  • Melissa - 11 years ago

    Nationalized health care takes away americans rights to choose coverage they want and not only that it puts millions of more people OUT of Buisiness. There are a lot of people that sell healthcare insurance and if there is a national (government run) plan then the unemployment rates will increase and our rights as americans will decrease because then the government just has its hand in our pockets even more cause they will have to raise taxes to pay for the health care there wanting for everyone. I personally dont want to pay for someones healthcare that is to lazy to get a job. I am a working mother and i work my butt off for the things i have its not much but it works for me and i'm happy, an my kids and my husband have the health care they need that I LIKE. I would Not re-elect obama.

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