Pastor, What Day Do You Prefer To Take Off?


  • Mark - 14 years ago

    My choice of Monday was that the other pastor on staff was already taking Fridays off. So... I went with Monday.

  • ian Hall - 14 years ago

    For me Saturday is my preferred Pastor's sabbath. It is natural to begin one's week's work for the Lord on Sunday and finish on a Friday. Admittedly this means a difficult Monday morning but once you persevere through that it is a great feeling to have completed the week's work and relax with family at the end of that week.

  • Mike Leake - 14 years ago

    I am the weirdo that voted for Thursday. I'm not sure what you are using this for but I thought I should mention that my day off is Thursday b/c I am a youth pastor and my "big day" is Wednesday instead of it's kind of like Monday is my day off.

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