Does size matter?

  • Suzanne B - 3 months ago

    This might sound shallow, and maybe even trampy, but size really does matter. I’m not saying that he has to be huge, but average penises are just that-average. And if I’m on a date with someone I know I’m going to have sex with later, it can be really disappointing if he’s not able to “measure up”, not to mention unsatisfying. Thankfully, I’ve only had two instances where this has happened. And, yes, there is such a thing as too big...beware of tall, skinny guys!

  • Anthony E - 6 years ago

    I am 27 years old with an average size penis. After reading this article and others all over the internet--- I am no longer interested in getting married. Thanks!

  • Grin 'n bear it - 12 years ago

    Here it is, straight up >

    Behind every bitter woman is a man with a small dick.

    If it don't curl your toes when it goes in - it ain't big enough. Length is good too but no girth = no fun.

  • Mollie B - 13 years ago

    Bring on the Stallion. I love long and thick. I never knew what I was missing until my boyfriend, now husband, had sex for the first time. Yes, it took awhile to adapt. I love looking down when my DH is touching my cervix and seeing my cock. Gets me wet just thinking about. I am going to go upstairs and give my DH oral to start his day.

  • Hot Chick - 13 years ago

    If a man isn't big enough around, he won't fill me. If he's not long enough, I won't feel the end of him pushing against my cervix...which feels unbelievable. A man can make me come with intercourse alone, over and over again, but only if he can fill me. If he can't reach the end, I can still have clitoral orgasms but the sex will never be intense enough to create a chemical craving. Obviously, too big is painful and scary...but too small? Sadly, uninspiring...on many levels.

  • An Average Guy - 13 years ago

    an average girl can take an average guy orally fully, likewise I love the "bottomed out" feel where her lips are engorged and wrapped around the base, and I know I get more anal than BIG guys.

  • diule - 13 years ago

    I think it depends on the both the woman and the man. Just like some men are larger than others, so are some women. The vagina does expand and contract a bit, but there is still that general 'resting' size. I'm 5'6" 27 years old with three young children and I prefer a 4-6 inch penis of average thickness... i can work with less or more and if there is a good loving relationship, it can be great regardless. Women can strengthen their muscles and learn to move their bodies in a way to please their male lover -- it isn't fair to put it all on the man's shoulders IMO. For a much smaller penis, couples can experiment with oral, anal, toys etc to thrill and satisfy both partners.

  • yesdearnodear - 13 years ago

    What size are you referring to? Length, “That guy over there has 12 inches (2 x #2 pencils end to end)”, His friend is just so thick (Yoplait yogurt) but when he goes to the bathroom he always hits his shoes. Then there are the 3 legged guys in every porno, but luckily some ladies do not like internal CPR. Size probably matters more to the guy than the girl. Every guy wishes he had the tripod gene. But there are shortcomings to being too big.
    1)Everything’s going great until, either he or she or both try something a little different that hurts or bruises the young ladies girl bits. It’s amazing how fast it can go from hot sweaty fun to arctic blizzard in the bedroom. You can’t put a Band-Aid on it to make it feel better. Little boo boo kisses sometimes work. But from then on she will never fully relax.
    2) If you are too large you never bottom out, when your mighty battle sword is fully in its sheath, she can grind her pelvis against your pelvis which seems to be a good thing.
    3)Guys know what they are packing, they know if it’s a .22 or a 55 magnum, they know how it works, its strengths and weaknesses, after all they have been test firing it for the past 18+ years. Don’t lie “ Oh my god your hung like a massive wild bull…..gerbil”
    4)Don’t ever ask the guy “are you in yet?” Sub zero time.
    5)Do not forget that although a + size for a male is thought to be good, Parking an 18 wheeler in an empty Wal-Mart warehouse where its dark, your not sure if anyone has been there before, you have seen something like this in photos, but now men have to decide do you want a lifetime pass, a seasonal pass, Or is just one visit, 1 too many?

  • pat - 13 years ago

    size does matter, but in some circumstances it's how he uses it, a little more work for the girl but sometimes it's worth it.

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