Redirect or maintain two Web sites?

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  • LouMitch - 15 years ago

    Hey Christina - I guess there's a few things to think about:

    1.) Will it be obvious to visitors of your current site that your new site is still you so there's no confusion when they're redirected?

    2.) Many people are known by their name in the industry, which is not necessarily their real name (qualitygal), so if your new name will be your new identity it may be wise to separate them.

    3.) If your new site is basically a continuation of your current site, just under a new name, you may want to 301 so all your info is in one spot making your new name the name everyone knows you by, ruling out confusion (hopefully my rambling ideas aren't causing confusion :) ).

    4.) Do you want a separate place for more personal things, other than business - perhaps keep your namesake for personal items and refer anyone over to your new site for business-related topics - maybe just 301 old posts to new site.

    Some things to think about - hope you're doing well!

    Take care!

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