Which Fiber Should I Spin For Aeolian?

  • Tasha - 13 years ago

    I voted for chocolate. I honestly chose it because I have decided on a similar color for mine & that's all I can see right now! I think the brown is neutral & will be very versatile. I can't wait to see it.

  • Karin Hørkilde - 13 years ago

    I found it VERY hard to choose, but I ended up with the Dew - I simply love the colour and alpaca/silk is a VERY nice fiber-mix, I think.

  • Robin - 13 years ago

    I chose the Yak-Tussah Pomegranate!!! LUSCIOUS color! Reminds me of spring flowers - cherry blossoms, azaleas, etc. - that will be blooming soon. LOVE that color!

  • Tamami - 13 years ago

    I voted Yak-Tussah Pomegranate because: 1. I love spinning yak! 2. I think the color would look beautiful on you. I'm envious of your knitting skill -- I can't even dream of taking on something like this! Can't wait to see the shawl.

  • Yarndude - 13 years ago

    I voted for the yak-tussah simply taking the fiber into account because it would create a beautiful, drapey, shiny, and lightweight shawl. Plus, the color is beautiful!

  • michele - 13 years ago

    The yak is beautiful!

  • Donna - 13 years ago

    I chose the Yak-tussah in Pomegranate because for some reason this shawl makes me think of spark and fire and warmth and this color seemed to express that the best...plus a silk and yak blend sounds decadent.

  • Carly - 13 years ago

    I chose the Chocolate Alpaca-Tussah in Meyer Lemon because it seemed neutral enough to go with anything, but still rich and beautiful enough to be worthy of such a lovely shawl. Won't it be great to be able to wear it with anything!

  • gjabouri - 13 years ago

    The Sorrel is light blue, like the sky, like the wind, and Aeolus is the Greek god of the wind ... so the shawl would evoke a light breeze not only by name, but also by color. :-)

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