What's the best text editor for developers?


  • Simbu - 7 years ago

    gedit and NotePad++ is best and i have used gedit for 2 years and notepad++ 6 months.

  • FYI - 9 years ago


  • Sahadat Hossain - 9 years ago

    I use Notepad++. It is awesome

  • Rafael - 14 years ago

    I still miss some features on Coda, but for me it's the best to fill my needs, followed by Notepad++.

  • Nerieru - 14 years ago

    Notepad++ is my choice of tools, especially with the plugins you can get/make it's invaluable for a webprogrammer

  • Dylan Parry - 14 years ago

    I voted for “other”, specifically “MS Expression Web 2”. I’ve been using EW for a couple of years now, and the code view is fantastic and as good as many others that are available. On occasion I’ve even used the design view, generally when I’ve had a particularly nasty table to code!

    The features I love the most are the auto-complete, which also allows for snippets; and the site manager, which makes it easier to see how files are related. It also supports PHP for those who don’t use MS technologies on their sites.

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