Can USA girls wine?

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Posted 10 years.

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  • Chike - 10 years ago

    well wah i fine out rite, is dat american white gyurls CANT wine, american latin gyurls could wine sometimes and american black girls (for the most part) dont wine but can be TAUGHT how to wine.

    Like you could chain dem up with ah explanation on what winin is and tell dem bout how dem eh ready for trini gyal, an dat does geh dem vex nah, so dey does be like buh i could do dahhh, an start to bubble, den you could sneak een an trow some waist on dem. Some ah dem yuh hadda hold dey waste an teach dem to tempaa dah wine cause dey does be all over de place.
    De latin gyurls could unna stan ah slow wine (besssssss) buh de white girls.... *sigh*. Das american white gyurls at least cause we all know trini white gyurls could cause it.
    Ice cream man in a de buillldinnn