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  • Paul - 10 years ago

    You guy's forgot that the 80's was also the rise of the movie soundtrack not just score. Movies like Purple Rain, Back to the future, footloose, Beverly Hills Cop series , Flashdance, Fame, Rocky 3 and 4, Breakin Electric Boogaloo , Maximum Overdrive, Karate Kid 2 all had hit soundtracks done my musician artist. Who among you didn't have or own that hit song from the hit movie?

  • Mannu - 12 years ago

    Why so few soundcasts? If getting interviews of composers is a problem, simply air reviewers' or your views.

    We need more soundcasts, not necessarily composer-wise but style-wise.

    Legends in music history like 'Dances With Wolves ' should be reviewed.

    Or discuss about instruments. 'The Lost World' theme stands out as a great one with plenty of brass and percussion. Lots of the music has a South American influence to it with lots of percussion, mainly tom-toms.

    "The Raptor Attack" is a pounding action cue with chasing tom-toms and frightening brass lines.

    "Rescuing Sarah" is another great action cue with the same style tom-toms and percussion and a big, grand finale.

    John Williams has given a distinct style of his own to the movie music.

    Why don't you debate these distinct styles or about the instruments?

    Why not 'Fort Walton Kansas' of 'The Rock.' This track reflects the real embedded elegance of guitar, an instrument which has otherwise been brandished as the mainstay of rock concerts.

    In this track, Harry Gregson-Williams has shown that guitar can be put to use in an unbelievably stunning way!

    Why don't you discuss all these? Be down to earth.

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