When will a verdict be reached?

  • Stephen Gianelli - 13 years ago

    I personally believe that it will take longer than through Friday (with Monday and Tuesday being dark days and Wednesday being a short court day (jury leaving at 3:00 PM) as well as my perception that the evidence is by no means clear cut.

    The prosecution experts cannot forensically exclude suicide and have said so.

    The driver, De Souza, has admitted to lying to the INS/Department of Homeland Security in four written forms submitted over a four year time period and was very flustered when he called 911.

    The five women who testified to being terrorized by Spector holding a gun are going to be troubling to some jurors as well.

    Most received thousand of $$ from a tabloid BEFORE they talked to police investigators.

    One—who is a lifetime drug addict (and has the partially missing nose to prove it)—died of a drug overdose between trial #1 and trial #2. (Drugs affect memory, and hypes are not reliable witnesses—or houseguests, if you value that silver set your mother gave you.)

    A second one was a convicted embezzler.

    A third testified at trial that Spector pistol whipped her, but the politic officer who responded that night said there were no such injuries and no evidence of that.

    Lana Clarkson wrote at least one suicidal email and several very desperate and despondent emails.

    Clarkson was also very drunk and had taken a pain killer, Vicodin, that night.

    Other than that, there is a lot of suspicious behavior by Phil Spector that night but little hard evidence.

    And that is not even crediting a single defense witness or expert.

    If the jury thoroughly dissects each and every defense expert, that could take weeks.

    Ultimately, I believe that this jury will acquit.

    But no one really knows what will happen.

  • Katprint - 13 years ago

    Or even past Friday, April 3, especially if they are trying to decide between the degrees of murder.

  • Shotzie - 13 years ago

    I heard they don't start back til wed, due to the Holiday?Is that right?
    that's why I voted Friday..I feel they need a few days to go over all the evidence.

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