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It's time for the Equal Rights Amendment ... (Poll Closed)

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  • sandy oestreich - 13 years ago

    Of course, Nevada needs to come out from behind the velvet Victorian curtain into the 21st Century!


    How dumb is that to be against equality for both men and women in this day and age!

    Why are Nevada legislators so afraid of equality for all?

    Pure Prejudice and Fear of intimidation by the ruling Party. Gotta get over that intimidation, folks, and start voting in the best interests of all citizens, not just homophobes in your midst. After all, it's a bill that benefits 100% of YOUR OWN CONSTITUENTS and THE ECONOMY. It's just the fake mantra of Special Interests in your government that ERA advances same-sex anything or abortion. ERA DOES NOT REGULATE EITHER OF THEM, saying "Equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex [gender, in today's terms]. And abortion rates are decidedly lower in states WITH ERA language in their own state constitution!

    It's a BILL THAT REQUIRES NO FUNDING! A majority of your constituents WANT the ERA in the US Constitution. Why not do the right thing for the good of ALL and not pander to those afraid wrongly of the perhaps 15% who might favor same-sex something? Why not give your citizens this free-of-funding bill for ERA to soften some of the cruel belt-tightening that you've enacted that squeezes their quality of life?

    Have you no sense AS WELL AS no heart, legislators?

    DON'T BE AFRAID OF ANTI-ERA SPECIAL INTERESTS funded from out of state. Show that you are not afraid of EQUALITY FOR ALL, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, and help your economy at the same time.

    The urls you show are nice, but ours -- ---is winning kudos from state legislators around the nation for being COMPREHENSIVE, CORRECT, AND CURRENT. All questions are answered there at FACTS for Legislators. ERA for MEN, ERA for the ECONOMY; ERA for the Wary; ERA en Espanol; maps, etc.

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