How did you find (and land) your last job?

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Posted 10 years.


  • Steve Jones - 10 years ago

    Great poll - Often this type of research is conducted from a company's perspective, and we all know how good data collection and interpretation can be at the corporate level. I'm not surprised that 30%+ are still finding jobs through online job boards, but if you ask "consultants" they will almost always tell you that networking is better. In my opinion and experience job seekers should always use a strong combination of channels. For more information on using a multi-pronged job search approach visit

  • Franny - 10 years ago

    Comments associated with "other" are not showing, which is really too bad. I think that would be very interesting.
    I got my last job when I got bored and started chatting with a stranger at a swimming hole in Austin, turns out he was an entrepreneur. We talked for 20 minutes and knew we would work together one day.
    You NEVER know where your next job will turn up.

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