What's your favorite image editing software?

  • Joel Roberts - 8 months ago

    I used photoshop for years and thought it was everything wonderful. My computer died as the result of a manufacturer acknowledged design defect. When I bought a new computer my backup drive successfully transferred my applications and files to my new computer. Unfortunately I was unable (for licensing technicalities to operate my backup version of photoshop on my new computer. Given that I had replaced my failed MacBook Pro with a newer model I first tried Lightroom but found it difficult relative to Photoshop and switched to Apple “Photos” and “RAW POWER” as economical replacements.

  • Kelly - 11 years ago

    Fuck GIMP sucks.

  • Joon Patir - 12 years ago

    from the very beginning i used photoshop, but i tried other image editing softwares too and i found that those are good, but none of those image editing softwares are better than photoshop.

  • Mike N - 13 years ago

    What about Xara Xtreme?

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