Will you be buying and spending Facebook Credits?

  • CJ - 11 years ago

    Facebook credits are a total FRAUD. It says they can be used for game playing, and they sell them to you on your Farmville page, but GUESS WHAT? You cannot use them in FARMVILLE, or any other game that I know of, so this is TOTAL FRAUD. Has anyone else purchased these? I think we need to make it widely known that is a lie and a ripoff and I want a refund. FACEBOOK IS PATHETIC!

  • Liz Hover - 12 years ago

    This is an utterly ridiculous idea IF it involves real money. I can see the fun of it if the credits are acquired without a real money transfer but frankly I have far more important things to spend my hard earned cash on than a whimsical, paid-for thumbs up to a friend.

  • mashgirl - 12 years ago

    I like the idea of providing incentives for good content. If the possibility of getting some Facebook credits makes people more likely to say something interesting, I'm for it. However, the reward mechanism is already in place with the 'Like' function. Why not just count and display the total number of 'Likes' I have received for content categories such as status updates, pictures, posted links, etc.?

  • Anonymous - 12 years ago

    This has got to be the most ill conceived idea facebook has come up with so far. I mean I can understand trying to emulate Twitter since its an up and coming competitor Facebook would more or less like to try and reign in but to try and create a virtual currency where their really is no precedent for this sort of thing is unheard of. What is the difference in spending one dollar or euro on a item as oppose to spending 100 facebook credits. Well the answer is simple...there is none other than facebook wants to secure your money and lock you into spending using their system. To facebooks credit, one of the obvious advantages of credits which is utilized to its fullest by Microsoft's Xbox Live is the fact that when you sell items in increments of say 120 xbox live points and sell the points in increments of 100 points users are forced to buy 200 points and have 80 left over. They spent double what they wanted to so they could get that 120 point item. If this is facebook's idea then monetarily its a good one but for the users its just another slap in the face that will eventually lead to a mass exodus to the next big thing. You'd think the lessons of Myspace would be lessons well learned but apparently not...

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