How many diets have you been on in the past five years?
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  • Bev Pingel - 12 years ago

    I am no different than many women, I have always watched my diet to maintain my weight. When I hit menapause, that is when my weight went out of control. I tried every diet that came along. Then I joined Jenny Craig. It helped me to re-learn all the lessons that I had followed for years, but for some reason I stopped using them. I always knew that diet and exercise were the only way you could really lose weight and maintain that loss. I just stopped. You should ID the kind of eating you do - it will help you to come up with a plan that works - I am an emotional eater - sad, happy, bored - it makes no difference; I, if I don't think about it will eat - whether I am hungrey or not - it makes no difference, suddenly I have grazed my way thru a whole box of 100 calorie snacks.
    I LOVE Jillians exercise programs. I mix them up with some other activities (walking, arobics) I can't stress how much exercise helps me. When I 1st started losing weight, I did not exercise much, at a certian point (at about 40 pounds) my weight loss per week started going down from 2 or 3 pounds per week to 1 pound or less per week. I was still eating 1200 calories or less every day, but I wasn't losing weight like I knew I could. I found that exercise really gave me the boost I needed. I have lost 50 pounds and plan on losing another 42 (I started at 224# - and I am short!) I had a bit of a "back slide" I was down by 67# - I gained 17#'s back) I was grazing again!. ....I put pictures taken of my at my heaviest and put them on my refridgerator and food pantry doors....just a gentle reminder that helps me not to graze...This seems to stop me (I really hate looking @ those pictures). I say do what ever works - as long as you keep it healthy. If I can do it, anyone can.

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