Fender Strat VS. Gibson Les Paul

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Posted 10 years.


  • Tom - 9 years ago

    Jake there's a few problems with your list. Famous guitar players-Sammy Hagar and Billie Joe Armstrong? Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton switched to Strats early in their careers and have played them ever since. Jimi Hendrix was dead before Hard Rock cafes opened. Chicago didn't open until 1978. Anyway, my vote -- both of them.

  • jake - 9 years ago

    famous guitar players huh?
    slash- les paul
    Sammy Hagar-les paul
    Seth Lover-les paul
    mick taylor-les paul
    jeff beck-les paul
    jimmy page-les paul
    ace frehley- les paul
    buckethead-les paul
    joe bonamusa-les paul
    neil young-les paul
    bille joe armstrong-les paul
    gary moore-les paul
    eric clapton-les paul
    peter green-les paul
    billy bibbons-les paul
    hubert sumlin-les paul
    muke bloomfield-les paul
    jimi hendrix- played one in the hard rock cafe in chicago illinois
    and many more people play les pauls famous or not including me
    answer: les paul

  • Matt - 10 years ago

    Les Paul. By far a Les Paul. Expensive? Yes? Worth every penny? Hell Yeah! I own a Gibson Les Paul Studio and I love it. Don't get me wrong, my dad has a strat and it's awesome, but it cant even compare to my Les Paul, even if he wont admit it. You would pay twice as much for a Les Paul than you would for a strat, but that old saying comes to mind "You get what you pay for."

  • Emily - 10 years ago

    Les Paul for me!

  • mikenyss - 10 years ago

    let's do this by the most famous guitar players in the world:
    steve vai - ibanez
    joe satriani - ibanez
    eric johnson - strat
    yngwie - strat
    slash - les paul
    srv - strat
    clapton - strat
    michaelangelo batio - randall? hamer? whatever that thing is...
    evh - kramer/strat/homemade
    randy rhodes - flying v
    santana (even though he kinda sucks) - prs
    mustaine/kirk - jackson/esp
    john mayer - strat
    ritchie sambora - strat
    marty friedman - jackson
    jason becker - carver (remember those!)

    doesn't look like one answer, but probably not a les paul...

  • Neil - 10 years ago

    Obviously a Les Paul you @sshole

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