How did you score on the handedness questionnaire?


  • deedee - 15 years ago

    It is interesting factoid that the number of lefties who became president of the U.S. is higher than the general population percentages. Obama, Clinton, Bush 41, Ford, Kennedy, Garfield. Some lists include Herbert Hoover and Truman appeared to be ambidextrous.

  • deedee - 15 years ago

    I came out with a score of +20. I'm mostly right handed, but I also do some things left handed more often. for example, I write right-handed most of the time, but I can write left-handed when I need to (for example, during my anatomy class, I wrote lecture notes left-handed while using my right hand to draw pictures). I can also draw left-handed but not very well.

    I play sports almost exclusively right-handed.

    I drink and strike matches left-handed usually, but use a mouse right-handed almost always. I always put my keys in my left pocket, because I lock doors, etc. left-handed -- and even though the ignition in my car is on the right side of the steering column.

    I use a fork, knife, and spoon mostly right handed, but when need to can use them left-handed.

  • Urban Garlic - 15 years ago

    I'm surprised at my score, I thought I'd come out more right-dominant.
    Weirdly, in spite of my pronounced right-dominance, I find that I have to play flight-simulator-type video games (a hobby of mine) with my left hand on the primary flight control, the joystick. This is because operating the joystick is a fairly coarse, mostly wrist-based activity, but the non-joystick hand has to actually find and press keyboard keys to operate (virtual) navigational equipment and auxiliary systems, and my left hand is just too useless to do that.
    So it was that, in spite of being right-dominant, I found myself trying to find a good-quality left-handed joystick. They exist, but they're rare.

  • Peter - 15 years ago

    @tap Like you, I'm mostly right dominant (75%) but am a lefty when it comes to "stick sports." They did have the broom question, which sort of covers that aspect. Not entirely though, since I can use a broom either way but I'm useless swinging a golf club right-handed.

  • Hypatia - 15 years ago

    FWIW, I'm strongly left-handed (-90) and prefer watches (and any jewelry) to be on my left hand.

  • tap - 15 years ago

    Although I am right dominant (nearly 80%), I noticed that there were no items to pick from on the survey where I am very left dominant (i.e. batting, golfing, shoveling/raking - pretty much everything with a stick) and although I know they cannot list everything, I wonder if there is a reason those types of items were not included.

  • Woot Wooters - 15 years ago

    @Rob - I have the same watch issue ;)

  • Rob Hale - 15 years ago

    I am so incredibly right dominant that I even wear my watch on my right wrist while most right-handers I know will wear it on their left wrist so it doesn't interfere when they are writing etc. I can't stand wearing anything around my left wrist at all.

    However due to an accident in my childhood my left eye is the dominant eye and my right eye is barely active unless I close my left eye. I always wondered if this affected my mind in some way.

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