Should The Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize" be the state rock song?

  • Winston Churchill - 11 years ago

    Oh! Let me try this....
    "How about all you liberals pull your heads out and stop worrying about legalizing man on man love(marriage), (and) killing babies"
    "Never saw the poll, what was on the list? The alleged winner may be the stupidest choice of all! Hate it!"
    "Hey genius(chop)! Interpret is not spelled interrupt! Good thing I'm here to "interpret" your writing!"
    "we don't need that kind of people in Oklahoma."
    "I hope our conservatives continue to make huge opposition to the Communist-loving liberal filth our country is infested with."
    Ahh, the mentality of conservatives... Boy, isn't generalizing fun?

  • David - 11 years ago

    Hey Joe, stop bashing Flaming Lips fans for speaking out and voting for the most worthy song. If there was another song that deserved to win, then it would have. Anonymity in online forums is an advantage that allows the self-righteous and self-absorbed to flail their inane comments at others, and that's never going to change. You, sir, are a perfect example of this. And I speak for myself, of course. Glad to know you're an atheist, but that doesn't give you immunity from being berated by people who are obviously more intelligent than yourself. You should listen to the Flaming Lips more and maybe you'd learn something about yourself and the world around you. But you're a conservative voter, so I don't know if that's even possible for you. In the meantime, keep on keepin' on with the loony comments. It's at least entertaining for me!

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    Anon, that's because this forum doesn't allow for line breaks. The post above yours is filled with all the vile comments of Flaming Lips fans.

  • Anon. - 11 years ago

    typically, i refrain from posting on online polls/bulletins/what-have-you for the sole fact that nothing gets accomplished by bashing complete strangers over the internet, except bigotry, hypocrisy, ignorance and all of those extremely amiable human characteristics that we throw around like fodder. do i have a point? i lost it betwixt "doesn't afraid of everything" and "typical Oklahomans."

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    "You are a moron"
    "The whole process is so typical Oklahoman....And THAT is depressing!"
    "RB, you're are the thickest person ever. You obviously have the ability for compassion equivalent to a chipmunk."
    "I think the one wearing the communist T-shirt is ever so darling! I'm a 90 year old grandmother and I would love to meet him! "
    "people think this state is full of backward hicks"
    "I'm sure the rest of the country has a nice little chuckle when they inevitably hear about these sorts of things. These idiots need to get bent!"
    "Fuck all you pricks!"
    "All of you are niggers, every single god damn one of you. Wayne Coyne's a pretty cool guy, eh makes conservatives shit themselves and doesn't afraid of anything."
    "all you old folks and haters"
    " stupid lying hypocritical Republican hater troublemakers!"
    "you retard"
    "SH** like this that make me hate it so much! (Oklahoma)"

    ****Ah, the mentality of the lovely Flaming Lips fanatics. Well done, Brad Henry.

    "it's very hard for liberals to get any thing done when facing such huge opposition."

    *****I hope our conservatives continue to make huge opposition to the Communist-loving liberal filth our country is infested with. 1,2 million globs of cells with human DNA wiped out per year. The Communist would even have a hard time keeping up with our enlightened liberal Western world.

    And in case you want to use the "Christian Fundie" Bible-thumping hicks line on me, I'm an Atheist. I worry what liberals are going to do the devoutly religious in our country next.

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    Thomas, I'm very happy you left as well. You sound like an extremely intolerant hatemonger and we don't need that kind of people in Oklahoma. We also don't need robots who all love the same rock group -- otherwise they'll be called "ignorant conservatives". You are exactly the reason decent Americans reject hatemongering totalitarian liberals.

  • Jeff - 11 years ago

    You don't even know how to spell CoYne's name, Thomas, you retard!

  • Thomas - 11 years ago

    It is all of you ignorant conservatives that make me glad that I have been out of the GREAT state of Oklahoma for the last four years. Wayne once said that he loves living in Oklahoma because one out of ten people (in his own state) will recognize him but everywhere else all over the world eight out of ten will recognize him. He doesn't get hassled in OKC. He is probably the biggest name in Oklahoma and most Oklahomans don't even know him. If he had Wayne Coin's "I Love this Bar and Grill" in Bricktown it might be a different story, but... he doesn't. He has an ally named after his band. I love Oklahoma so much! I was born and raised in Oklahoma City and it is SH** like this that make me hate it so much! Thank you Brad Henry for being on our side about this. The law is passed! Good job lips!

  • David - 11 years ago

    Good point, giszmoe. I shouldn't have been over-generalizing the population that way. I respect the roots of rock and roll! It's really more of a progressive-regressive divide. Republicans don't care about artistic expression anyway unless it makes a buck for them. And I'll say it again, LONG LIVE THE LIPS!

  • giszmoe - 11 years ago

    Lots of good comments here. Staci, I like your thinking!
    This whole thing has become so ridiculous.
    If anyone had problems with any of the songs in the list, they should have been addressed before voting was opened.
    Now here we are being laughed at and poked and ridiculed nationwide because a few FLAMING conservatives decided there was something wrong with the band/song and convinced their cronies to vote with them without checking their facts.
    I don't know what they're doing with the vote on this website, but I imagine it's a totally bogus misrepresentation.
    BTW, David, I love the Lips and voted for them and I'm 53. From what generation do you think rock originated??? OLD certainly does not equal stupid lying hypocritical Republican hater troublemakers!

  • Joe Burris - 11 years ago

    10,001 as of two seconds ago,feedom of expression/speech is what our goverment is about,the song is just iceing on the cake.Joe Burris-Manager-Devin Derrick Band

  • staci - 11 years ago

    um. liberals didn't pass that resolution, conservative representative todd thomsen wrote that resolution. which proves my point that conservative represntatives don't care about creating jobs, they care about pandering to the far right which is obviously you. speaking of not worrying about 'baby killing' it was your conservative representatives that also passed the bill i spoke of banning stem cell research. it's not sneaking things through, you said yourself it's not a real issue. it was never meant to be a real issue. people like you made it a real issue.

  • Jeff - 11 years ago

    Oh so you're saying, Staci, that they tried to slip it in under the radar?! EXACTLY my point! Liberalism at it's best! Wonder why liberals think there should be no debate over their ideas? There wouldn't be so much opposition if they were such great ideas. Think about it and use a little common sense. What, pray tell, does a resolution AGAINST(like ur use of caps) the University of Oklahoma have to do with creating jobs? Ya know, those reps are there to represent us and thats just what they did. You guys didn't get the votes you needed to pass it so you went whining to the Governor and he gave you your way. That's how liberals get things passed. They either try to sneak it through or whine about it until everyone finally says, "Geez fine have your way just stop whining!" God Bless America!!

  • staci - 11 years ago

    i would like to respond to jeff in particular. this was not supposed to be a big deal. it was supposed to be a welcoming gesture for the new exhibit they're opening in the oklahoma museum of history 'one hot oklahoma night.' the oklahoma state congress started it, and it was supposed to go of without a hitch. it was supposed to be voted in pretty easily BECAUSE IT'S NOT AN ISSUE! it became an issue when our incompetent house of representatives decided to waste some more of our tax money by debating this. it reminds me of a resolution they passed AGAINST the university of oklahoma because they invited an evolutionary biologist to speak at a lecture during darwin week. so it's not us, the liberals, who are against creating jobs and fixing our economy, but it's very hard for liberals to get any thing done when facing such huge opposition. i'm glad governor henry showed us all how little of a deal it is by signing the documents anyway. it shouldn't be that hard!

  • David - 11 years ago

    Let's get real here. If we take the median age of the 85% of people who voted NO, it'd probably be 55 or something. The Flaming Lips represent youthful energy and enthusiasm (although Wayne is approaching 50) and a creative drive to make amazing, beautiful, poignant, and sometimes artsy and experimental music. They're wonderful! And for all you old folks and haters who've probably never even heard the song before, you should give it a real listen. Have more respect for your hometown heroes! The Lips love Oklahoma and they've been great to this state! They could've moved out to LA with all the other hack musicians, but they've stayed true to their roots, and that speaks volumes about their integrity. Grow up Oklahoma, or be left behind. LONG LIVE THE LIPS!

  • RoHoBo - 11 years ago

    All of you are niggers, every single god damn one of you. Wayne Coyne's a pretty cool guy, eh makes conservatives shit themselves and doesn't afraid of anything.

  • Adam Orendac - 11 years ago

    The Flaming Lips are proud of their state. The song “Do You Realize” has some of the most inspiring lyrics when you take the time to listen too all of them RB. This is the Oklahoma state Rock song. An award that is really just to compliment The Flaming Lips. Are all of you haters really afraid of what other states will think of us? Why can you not just let this fabulous band take a little award from a state that loves them as much as they love it? And as for the tee shirt incident, what is this some kind of a McCarthy witch hunt?! Since when is an emblem on a shirt that is little more than two archaic farm tools so heinous that you have to publicly rebuke a man? Hey Paul Stevens, go eat some coleslaw. If the Oklahoma State Legislature keeps embarrassing me like this, then, “I think I’m going international!”

  • Robert Rules - 11 years ago

    Long live The Flaming Lips! Fuck all you pricks!

  • Mandy - 11 years ago

    The Flaming Lips are one of the most humble, proactive, influential bands that I have ever seen/heard. To say that the lyrics are depressing is a drastic misunderstanding of the song. It's about embracing and doing the most with what we have because time is limited. I mean come on, they beat out the other bands didn't they? If you have never listened to or seen The Flaming Lips play, then you are missing out. And quite frankly, speaking from a ignorant stand point.

  • Megan - 11 years ago

    The Lips have worked so hard to promote Oklahoma and their music is about love and being grateful for what you have. It is trivial for the republicans to throw a fit over a t shirt and some words. Aren't there more pressing issues for them to be working on anyway?

  • Jeff - 11 years ago

    Hey genius(chop)! Interpret is not spelled interrupt! Good thing I'm here to "interpret" your writing!

  • johnny d - 11 years ago

    wow this forum is hilarious. GO LIPS!

  • Chop - 11 years ago

    I don't think the lyrics are depressing at all. If you actually pay attention to them and learn how to interrupt writing, then you'd know that the song has a deep message: to love with your whole heart, all the time & to live your life to the fullest.

  • Davo - 11 years ago

    FWIW, I live in Oklahoma and I voted for the Lips. This legislative stunt is a total joke and gives a black eye to the state of Oklahoma. I truly love do Oklahoma (so, don't even think about telling me to leave), but our government here makes it hard to stomach sometimes. Anyone remember the stunt they tried to pull with Dawkins recently? This whole thing is strangely reminiscent. I'm sure the rest of the country has a nice little chuckle when they inevitably hear about these sorts of things. These idiots need to get bent!

  • Marci - 11 years ago

    I think the Flaming Lips are absolutely amazing and deserve the honor of official state rock song. They've been around quite a while and are still making great music, and I think its nice to show something different can come out of oklahoma. As for it being declared the "most depressing state song", I just don't see how it's depressing if you listen to the whole thing you realize that it's a song of existential realization, and simply states everday facts that are often overlooked. Savour the life you have before it's too late. The Flaming Lips are, and always have been rock revolutionaries. Sure, Michael Ivins (I believe he was the one) shouldn't have worn that shirt, to such an event, but that is no reason to take away their honor, and punish the fans who actually like them. Out of all the things they've said and done, I don't think that one thing is going to make people have a bad opinion about our state. No one would have even known about it, if it hadn't been blown out of proportion on the news. ( no offense).

  • Trevor - 11 years ago

    I am a big fan of the Lips. I lived in Texas for 2 years before i moved back here. I know alot of people that asked me where i canme from, and when I told them, immediatly associated it with the Flaming Lips. I voted for the Lips because i think they bring a positive message in their music. Unlike other bands from Oklahoma, (hinder in particular) they are proud to be from here. They stick around and play shows here every New Years Eve. I see no reason why they dont deserve this song.

  • Red Red - 11 years ago

    Maybe some of use should look at the first flag of Oklahoma -

    Notice that red background - had something to do with our populist roots in this state...

    Speaking of the greatest songwriters to ever come from this state, that feller Woody Guthrie had some pretty communist ideas... This Land is Your land, This Land is My Land........

  • bassplayer - 11 years ago

    This bass player man! you should've bring the che guevara tshirt (he was a murderer but people think he is cool to walk around with his face on it)
    I love the flamming lips but i think that was a stupid move.

  • John - 11 years ago

    RB, you're are the thickest person ever. You obviously have the ability for compassion equivalent to a chipmunk. The song has a meaning. and if you think about it you'll realize that the meaning is not purely to tell everyone that they're going to die. Personally, I think the song is great and should be voted in.

  • Cowboy Dan - 11 years ago

    Paul - Speaking of national impressions, DO YOU REALIZE these sorts of shenanigans by our legislators are what makes people think this state is full of backward hicks...

    Also, this was for the state rock song - not "rock and roll" song OLD MAN... they aren't really the same thing, and this isn't a museum or hall of fame induction, where not giving out a prize for who did it first, get it?
    When I think about rock, Do You Realize is much more fitting in my opinion... and I'd be willing to same the opinion of those that actually follow music - new and old.
    Anyway, you need to grow-up or maybe grow young, and recognize the Flaming Lips are an internationally recognized, Grammy winning band with strong and supportive ties to the state of Oklahoma and it's musical community.

    Kay - I love Leon Russell, and I glad you voted. I voted with Okie though... I'm proud to come from a state with such great musicians, especially as a musician myself. I am also proud that both the FL and LR still play around here. I've seen both many times, and have been fortunate to have seen them both within the past year. And while playing here is awfully nice, it's also cool that Wayne Coyne actually still lives here in OKC. I see him at my local ACE hardware quite a bit. :)

  • Shaeffer - 11 years ago

    The real travesty is the power these politicians have.
    As a lifelong Oklahoman I was embarrassed today by OUR representatives. That's right, the representatives WE elected to represent OUR voice took power into their own hands and voted down an act that was without a doubt the favorite. (out of 21,000 votes TFL took 10,000) Why even vote for people that won't take your opinion into consideration?

  • Barbara - 11 years ago

    sh (3:50 ET) Yes, you are right - you are just keeping on making a big deal out of it in hopes of keeping the controversy going -- which is what you intend. What's the "we" reference if you don't even live in Oklahoma? Besides, I think the one wearing the communist T-shirt is ever so darling! Add in the jacket and shades. WOW. How hot is he?!?!?!?! I'm a 90 year old grandmother and I would love to meet him!

  • sh - 11 years ago

    It wasn't really an important issue until they made a big deal out of it. Why couldn't they just accept it? Are we not allowed to wear what we want? I think his shirt is pretty irrelevant as far as a state song goes. It sounds like they are just being whiny babies, which gives Oklahomans a bad name. And I am from Oklahoma, I did vote for this song and I know A LOT of people from Oklahoma who also voted for this song. Just because you don't know anyone from Oklahoma who likes The Flaming Lips, doesn't mean there aren't any. It just makes you look like you can't see things from a different point of view. In fact I don't know anyone personally who voted for anything other than The Flaming Lips. I still wouldn't say that it didn't happen, though. Anyway, since the FLips are from Oklahoma, they do have quite a big fan base here, especially with the younger crowds, so I wouldn't be surprised if the votes in favor were mostly from Oklahomans.

  • Clark Deal - 11 years ago

    I love The Flaming Lips and I think they deserve the honor.

  • Kay - 11 years ago

    Okie...I voted for "Home Sweet Oklahoma" by Leon Russell.

  • Barbara - 11 years ago

    My question: Why even have a state rock song - or a "state anything"? I think it is all pure silliness. Maybe a lot of people think this is an important issue. I don't.

  • Paul Stevens - 11 years ago

    "The song was chosen via an online voting system by Oklahomans..." DO YOU REALIZE this song was NOT chosen by Oklahomans as many of you seem to believe. It was chosen by the FLPS fan club. I would seriously question how many of them that voted were from Oklahoma. Do we really want a guy representing our state who brags in a national magazine about dumping ash trays in the cole slaw when he worked at Long John Silvers? Speaking of national magazines, DO YOU REALIZE that Time Magazine listed us as the state that voted the most depressing song ever for a state song? The FLPS should do the right thing and thank everybody for the honor... then step aside and give the state rock and roll song honors to JJ Cale or Leon Russell.

  • bobneal - 11 years ago

    Never saw the poll, what was on the list? The alleged winner may be the stupidest choice of all! Hate it!

  • Davy - 11 years ago

    The people voted, and "Do You Realize" won. It's not my first choice, but I can live with it. It's not the state's country song, it's not the state's pop or whatever else type of song. It's gonna be are rock song and the House needs to get over it.

  • Okie - 11 years ago

    I'm an Oklahoman, and I voted, Kay. I voted for the Flaming Lips. Get over it, maybe next you'll pay attention... Oh and what song do you think would have been a better fit for the state's ROCK song? Oh what's that, you don't have a clue??? That's what I thought. You people that are against this are clueless. If people from outside the state voted for them, it just goes to show you what good ambassadors they are for the state.

  • Kay - 11 years ago

    It WAS NOT Oklahomans that voted. Anyone...anywhere could vote. Some people voted that probably had never even heard of Oklahoma.

    I think we need a do over!

  • Jeff - 11 years ago

    What weight does an internet vote carry anyway? Are you people for real?! That's all you have to do in this state to make something a law?! Well in that case NEW LAW: From this day forward, no more whining!

    Give me a break! I guess the economy isn't as bad as I keep hearing since we have time to bicker over something as stupid as a "state song." How about all you liberals pull your heads out and stop worrying about legalizing man on man love(marriage), killing babies, and, the big one, our "state rock song" and start worrying about the unemployment rate, illegal immigration, terrorism, and anything else that REALLY affects us!!

  • debbie mcdonald - 11 years ago

    How many times do we as Oklahomans have to vote on this
    it has already been decided let us move on. In elections we may not agree on who won, but we agree to respect that person and work together, this is what we should do here.
    there are other issues out there
    like roads, crime--come on
    some of us may not like the words, their clothes, or even their looks but that is what we base our nation on is being who we are and allowing the freedom to be that person without judgement -so let us not forget that regardless of which party you stand
    let us stand up for each other and for Oklahoma and let this go forward
    I think Rep Joe Dorman is doing an outstanding service to Oklahoma when he brings to light this situation-Joe you have my support.
    Debbie McDonald
    Cache OK

  • dadzgrl76 - 11 years ago

    The song was chosen via an online voting system by Oklahomans and since we do live in a country free to wear whatever we choose - communist or NOT, the shirt should have no baring on the house decision. Just because a bunch of politicians felt offended and disrespected about the shirt a band member was wearing does not give them the right to take the honor away from the band. I am not sure if I would have voted that I would have chosen the same song but it was chosen by Oklahomans who took the time to vote. Our politicians need to remember they have a job to continue to protect our rights and freedoms and many men and woman who may not agree with his wardrobe choice have died so he has the privledge and right to make his own tacky choices on clothing.

  • Ian - 11 years ago

    PS: I typed all those lyrics on separate lines, but it automatically put them in a paragraph... so, sorry there's no punctuation there.

  • Ian - 11 years ago

    RB - You are a moron. Listen to the rest of the words. They're quite inspiring. It's a song telling you not to take life for granted or the people in it because someday those people you love so much will no longer be there.

    Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face?
    Do you realize we're floating in space?
    Do you realize that happiness makes you cry?
    Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?
    And instead of saying all of your goodbyes
    Let them know you realize that life goes fast
    It's hard to make the good things last
    You realize the sun doesn't go down
    It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning around

  • VeraLynn - 11 years ago

    LOL, they decided to use an internet poll to do the voting & when the results were not what they desired, they want to scrap the results. The whole process is so typical Oklahoman....And THAT is depressing!

  • rb - 12 years ago

    These lyrics do not reflect the deep caring and compassion and feelings of Oklahomans. I do not feel that a state song lyrics include "Do You Realize - that everyone you know someday will die". sound pretty depressing.......

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