Top Ten Things "tink!" Could Be? (Poll Closed)

  • None of these
    1,111 votes

  • New single
    183 votes

  • KNIT
    13 votes

  • Tweeting Interest in New Kids
    497 votes

  • Tinkerbell
    46 votes

  • Tinkle
    123 votes

  • Stink
    38 votes

  • Sound of a Hummingbird
    20 votes

  • Silent Gas
    190 votes

  • Clinking of glasses
    114 votes


Posted 10 years.


  • Brenda Klinger - 10 years ago

    Hello Ron how are you today,just browsing the net and looking on the blogs,yeah with Jordan Knights tink,yes its made everyone crazy its fun to watch the tweets,im new to this twitter stuff but ive always thought it meant when he comes on and tinks hes saying hey yall im here ,kinda like how you got twit slapped to tink slapped lol.just like myspae when you are im someone and buzz them or slap them,lol,anyway just wanted to comment ,NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK has always been my favorite,got to love em no matter what they are doing they have always been good role models.anyway nice talkin to ya chow.

  • nina schmidt - 10 years ago

    I think tink means a glow-worm!!!!

  • Tina - 10 years ago

    It's RAIN i know it!! Love u come up with another

  • Michelle - 10 years ago

    I think that he is twitter winking at us... instead of winking, he is tinking... hee, hee, hee...

  • Joelle - 10 years ago

    I'm thinking tink means "the magic." The magic of what, I have no idea...yet. Good times, good times.

  • paulidwgirl - 10 years ago

    Well -looking up tink means a loud noise concerning bells.He has a high pitched singing tone and also is known to pllay the piano.My guess is that he using one word to mean that he is singin and playing the piano....and hitting some high note.But whatever "Tink " is it is "G" rated if Dante knows what it is.

    I think you are right as to say one word from these guys stirs us.Hec all the fans in Block hood dont even need a word,it could be their water bottle,a relative,some new style or think they are in to ..and we go with it.
    also if you reading this you should check out @DonnieWahlberg and @b_club on twitter it is his clothing line he is working on with a partner.And If you think Ddub and NKOTB are hot you love Jimmy Marsh who Dw is producing.
    you can check Jimmy Marsh out @jimmymarsh617 on twitter.

    So if you think "TINk" is something else then you need to check out bclub and Donnie Wahlberg and Jimmy Marsh..

    tell them I sent you.

  • Patricia - 10 years ago

    I think "Tink" means he's thinking about his fans/ or where his life has taken him again. But Im a women so of course I probably put to much meaning behind it LOL. No matter what it means It's fun guessing and JK will always be the man with or without his "Tink" :)

  • Dana - 10 years ago

    Jordan you are soo funny!!

  • Ron Callari - 10 years ago

    As the writer of this blog and poll, I found it more than amazing that a recording artist could capture the imagination of his fans by posting an inane word like "tink" on Twitter and then watch his adoring fans fall all over themselves by tweeting themselves silly for the last 96 hours in hopes they will be the first to uncover its meaning. I was even more amazed when I described Jordan Knight as a potentially failing artist. It was a point of conjecture on my part, but in the course of the last 4 days I have received more "hate" tweets than I can shake a stick at. Sorry about that ladies!

    So as a social experiment, Mr. Knight my hat is off to you. Bravo on rallying your fan base behind something you have kept secret for so long. While in the history of viral marketing this will not go down as one of the greatest examples, it is none the less a very unique attempt of using the Internet to create a buzz, and do one's bidding!

    Tinks for the memories...

    Ron Callari (

  • jen weisse - 10 years ago

    jordan baby your killing me

  • chefmegn - 10 years ago are insane!!! Thanks for the laughs!!!

  • Daniela Schader - 10 years ago

    I think "tink" means a loud laughing!?!?

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