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who do you like best among the presidentiables? (Poll Closed)


  • endless tears - 13 years ago

    I was actually thinking before to go for NOynoy. The whole Filipino people witnessed their lives since the murder of Ninoy struck the whole country.

    A lot of people seem look back and see what went on but not looking in the future.

    WE have the right and freedom to decide for our own. Let's pray who to vote.... who will lead us to a better and good governance.

  • Eric O. Dela Cerna - 13 years ago

    Si Bro. Eddie ang karapat-dapat na maging president this coming 2010 election.kasi napakalaki ng kanyang pagmamahal sa ating bansa at sa ating Panginoong Dios.
    kailangan natin ng pagbabago...kay Bro. Eddie tayo...

  • Mark D.Casero - 13 years ago

    Eddie Villanueva is the man in the presidency....

  • ryan balaga - 13 years ago

    i am for rigtheousness, why i cast my vote to those who already in the sets, he who is faithful in a little, deserve higher position

  • conie - 13 years ago

    bro. eddie xtalaga ang karapatdat na maging pres. ng ating bansa.. kasi sya lang ang may takot sa lord.. god bless all...

  • rommel ancheta carvajal - 13 years ago

    Bro. EDDIE VILLANUEVA is the Best Presidential Candidate !

    - He has RIGHTEOUSNESS and GOD's Protection... - No NEPOTISM and Corruption

    (Binaril at pinasabugan ng granada ngunit iniligtas ng Diyos ! ! !)

    - He has COURAGE and INTEGRITY- No NEPOTISM and Corruption

    (wala siyang kinatatakutan kundi Diyos lamang !!!!

    ... He is not BEHOLDEN to any party or group except to God and

    - He has good LEADERSHIP.

    ( He leads and fight MILLIONS of good Filipino citizens here and abroad
    with God's ordination)

    - He has WISDOM and COMPITENCY

    (He is Graduate of 4 Doctorate Degree and 2 Masteral in relation to economics, theology and education, here and Abroad)

    ( He manage a TV station, Church missions at different countries, Education and College Foundations)


    HE is SUPPORTED and supported and respected by citizens from YOUTH, JOURNALISTS, CATHOLICS, PROTESTANTS, CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS, YOUTH, FARMARS, LABORERS, FISHERS, JEEPNEY and TRiCYCLE Drivers without any exchanges of brives and money.

    we volunteer and spent money for our CAUSE ! ! ! ! !

  • Gerry Divina - 13 years ago

    We need a total change in the Philippine Politics. No one among the presidentiables are openly fighting against government corruption, and promising a clean, honest governance except for villanueva. I will vote for him because he signifies hope to the future of our nation. Other candidates are just plainly traditional politicians with their hidden agenda, sugar-coated with promises, deception and lies. Our beloved country deserves unconventional leader with a sincere love to our country and to the Most Highest Authority.

  • Mhary - 13 years ago

    i vote for Bro. Eddie Villanueva coz i do beliv that we need a righteous man who can lead our country, j like david in the old testament when saul is not doing right things in the sight of God. Bro. Eddie Villanueva is the one who can bring our country into good governance. Basta naniniwala ako na kelangan naten ng isang matapat na servant ndi lang ang sarili ang iniisip un ang nakita ko kay Bro. Eddie, pde nmn na wag nalang cya tumakbo pero dahil mahal nya ang Diyos at Bayan kaya cya mag javascript:submitComment();step out sa kanyng comfort zone....

  • Dave - 13 years ago

    The simple reason why I am voting for Nicanor Perlas is because together he will lead us to a new Philippines... his track record and platform concentrates on the fact that we us a people deserves only the best.

    Watch his interview on Probe Profiles

  • Ninoy - 13 years ago

    Ako si Ninoy... Maawa na kayo, wag nyo na iboto ang anak kung si Noynoy! Magiging abnormal ang kalagayan ng bansa. Dysfunctional talaga!

    Kung gusto mong magiging legal ang sugal si Erap!
    Kung gusto mong magaling at matalino at pwedeng lilinlangin tayo si Gibo!
    Kung gusto mong masagasaan ang Lupain mo si Villar!
    Kung gusto mong dysfunctional or abnormal government si Noynoy.
    Kung gusto mong patuloy ang corruption ng mga militar si Ebdane.
    Kung gusto mong maka diyos kuno si Villanueva.
    Kung gusto mo nang bagong Umaga si Chiz!

  • Jun - 13 years ago

    Agree ako kay Rosemary, kanino ba nanggaling ang mga taxes di ba kay Cory???? Mga Pilipino mag ingat na tayo...

  • rosemary - 13 years ago

    Hello, sa nag survey na si Noynoy ay 13 out of 20 people, siguro pamilya mo yon... di na ba kayo nadala??? eh kaya nagkawindang wing=dang ang bansa natin dahil inumpisahan ni Cory.... lahat nag ambisyon maging presidente dahil alam nila kahit walang alam puede pala....heheheheh kawawa naman ang Pilipinas, marami sa Pinoy pipi bulag at bingi....

  • Unknown - 13 years ago

    I dont vote for Noynoy that's for sure because her mom did nothing for the country just changed the name of Manila International Airport to Ninoy... If ever Noynoy win our country name will change to Cory Aquino...

  • Roy Maun - 13 years ago

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance. Psalm 33:12
    God HIMSELF will govern HIS people in HIS time, and HIS government, there will be no end. why do you think righteous people should only be concerned about spiritual affairs? governing is meant for God's chosen and not to some famous icon. there is this thing, will of men and will of GOD. what will you choose? think about it.

  • mape1109 - 13 years ago

    don't be mislead with your survey here. let me share this to everybody: each and everyday I talk, discuss, meet people (specifically taxpayers) and for every 20 people I talk to, 13 are for noynoy, 3 for villar, 2 for erap, 1 for teodoro, 1 for escudero. i hope some aspirants would realize that they have no supporters as wide as the abovenamed personalities, and they are just wasting their time and resources and confusing people. I just wish the likes of Villarde and Villanueva should concentrate on their task on bringing people to God. Priests, God's messengers or those who are called to serve God's interests are not suppose to involve themselves in state's affairs/politics. Their concerns are that of God's kingdom and they are suppose to administer God's affairs, i.e., spiritual affairs.

  • Leonardo Lesaca - 13 years ago

    Is it possible for you to show the results 'Dynamically-Arranged' by "WHO" is in the lead, rather than just a 'static one' based on the alphabetized names of the candidates?

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