Should Ridge challenge Toomey?

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  • Big Daddy - 13 years ago

    It's time for GOP to realize that "Democrat Lite" candidates just don't work...they have to provide reasonable candidates who clearly and resolutely represent a majority of conservative values...Toomey does this in Spades. If GOP drops to (30) senators, so be it, but the party will come back stronger than ever. The 1994 Contract with America was brilliant in that it had clear, well-defined objectives but most importantly, put all of the signees onto the same team. Voters in SC and in California knew they were voting for the exact same principles when they voted for one of the Contract signers. The Republican party needs to do the same thing again...get everyone singing from the same page...and that songbook can't be more RINO garbage...

  • Morgana - 13 years ago

    Ridge is too closely aligned with Bush. Besides, he's a moderate, leaning to RINO.

  • bg - 13 years ago

    Aren't all those Republicans who switched to Dem last year really just the Operation Chaos and NOT a true shift of voters to the left? Either way, I refuse to think that Conservatism is a losing position when articulated well and principles actually held to. The problem is that Bush and company watered down the party to have no real identity, not that they pushed it to the right. Don't worry fellow Conservatives, we're not as out of the game as many are saying, one or two elections turns the whole thing around. We are still dealing with a country that is divided almost right down the middle statistically. That means no party is guaranteed a majority forever if the other holds firm to it's ideals.

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