What kind of 'vore are you?

Posted 10 years.


  • Michael D - 10 years ago

    Your definition of omnivore skews the results: Many people never have anything "put in front" of them, as we cook every meal for ourselves, which means we choose everything we eat. And it's about choice. Not everyone is served food; your definition should have taken that into consideration.

  • Aaron D - 10 years ago

    pescetarian as well.
    and locavore.

  • Ngaio - 10 years ago

    I adhere to a vegetarian diet unless local, organic, free-range meats are available. I also feast primarily on foods that are on sale :-)

  • Matty G - 10 years ago

    Pescetarian. I East mostly a vegetarian diet, but have fish once or twice a week.

  • Terri - 10 years ago


    Mostly vegetarian, but if I go to someone's home and they are serving a meat dish, I eat it!

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