Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Which Franchise Has Better Space Gadgets?

  • tech - 10 years ago

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  • Medical - 10 years ago

    The medical devices in Star Trek were definitely driven from current technology and Popular Science type concepts but in Star Wars they had the extra element of the force - you could heal with the force and kill. That made it much cooler.

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  • Matthew VanBuskirk - 11 years ago

    Star Wars hands down. I mean lightsabers can deflect any bullet or laser bolts. Nothing, and I mean nothing from star trek can beat a lightsaber.

  • Micki - 11 years ago

    Oh, please. I see all these comments from Star Wars nerds, and they all say, "LIGHTSABERS!"
    Give it up, morons. A Lightsaber is pretty-much a non-shootable phaser. And they make the Jedis etc. look like they're from the freaking DARK AGES. (Do they really need to sword fight like sissies??)
    If you want to talk about good technology, then look at how people on Star Trek can be beamed virtually anywhere they want.

    It is . . . Logical.

    Long live Girl Trekkies!!!

  • Timothy Michael McHugh - 11 years ago

    I take it back, although I like Star Trek better, I know for a FACT that even Star Wars is VASTLY better than the TOXIC Titan AE! I LOATHE that poisonous space movie because a spaceship destroyed Earth in the FIRST PLACE! The authors thought that the Drej are "unstoppable" only because they are "pure energy," don't make me laugh! The EMPIRE would chew up the Drej and spit them out easily! Even the UFP Starfleet can handle those pure enery-based goons. LISTEN UP, pure energy and the ability to destroy planets pale in comparison next the power to the FORCE that the Jedi use!

    I have designed a 219m long interstellar spacecraft dubbed "Project Orion II" borrowing its shape from a previous Project Orion concept and its propulsion from a Project Daedalus concept. Even my Orion II can take on the Crystalline Drej Ship and WIN! All it has to do is use its own propulsion system to cause the Drej Ship's beam to bend back on itself and destroy the mothership! The Drej woullld LOSE a ground battle with the Jedi Order or a dozen or so Sithlords, because the Jedi are the FORCE, these goons are not!

    The Drej are OBSESSED with destroying The Lion King, which I have sworn to protect! Even my Orion II, let alon the Enterprise or the second Death Star, can beat the Drej Vessel!

    Death to Titan AE! Long Live Star Trek, The Lion King, and my Orion II!

  • Timothy McHugh - 11 years ago

    I got two wrds for you; STAR TREK! Star Trek has the USS Enterprise, Mr. Spock, logic, science, James Tibirius Kirk, warp drive, wormholes, time travel, peace, unity, and is more realistic! Star Wars SUCKS, because it has X-Wings (I HATE the design), Luke Skywalker, the made-up "Force", monopolized the space genre from the Tirlogy's 1997 theater re-release until the success of the new 2009 Star Trek movie that I LOVE, and it is unrealistic!

    I have designed a 109.8-182.9m interstellar spacecraft concept dubbed "Project Orion II." Orion II is based on two borrowed concepts, a previous Project Orion that had no spaceships coming to fruition and lasting from 1958 to 1965 and the British Interplanetary Society's Project Daedalus. This was spawned by the ONLY space thing that I like better than Star Trek, ASTRONOMY! Astronomy really owns Star Wars FILTH like my Orion II owns the X-Wings!

    I have this cool blog for you to check out, it is not my blog, but go check it out! It is called the I Hate Star Wars Club @ and hosted by a Trekker living in NYC calling himself William Shatner's #1 Fan! I own the Orion Sensation Blog, but I may set up an anti-Star Wars blog of my own.

    I also think that Lion King Peace is much more acceptrable pastime than Star Wars Filth. Star Wars lowers the IQ of all who watch it and turns many people into brainless goons. My Star Trek and Lion King combo hightens my IQ and nurishes my brain while Star Wars rots brains.

  • John the Skeptic - 11 years ago

    It's so ubiquitous now that it's hard to see how outstandingly cool it was back in the 60's. But it was so cool that everyone wanted one, and wanted one so badly that the developers of consumer electronics had a ready-made market for it, as soon as they could actually make the technology real.

    I'm speaking of the Big Screen on the bridge of the Enterprise, of course. Back in the 60's, TVs were crude, boxy things with rabbit ears sticking out of the top that you constantly had to mess with to keep a clear signal. In contrast, Kirk had this awesome wall-sized big screen that could show him anything from a Klingon ship bearing down on the Enterprise, to a Starfleet Admiral halfway across the galaxy trying to give him orders. Kirk had the very first big screen, and we all wanted one.

    And the Big Chair.

  • DarkLord'sDaughter - 11 years ago

    One word. Lightsabers. Come on!
    The blasters are nice too, though. Nice chunky blasters.
    Star Treck weapons look too delicate and orlimental.

  • brooke - 11 years ago

    Pfft, Star Trek has nothing on Star Wars :)

    X-Wings and lightsabers own!

  • Mocoso - 11 years ago

    Pfff! Light Sabers Of course!.

  • scott - 11 years ago

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned jordie's head band

  • Perseus21 - 11 years ago

    Light Sabers all the way!!!

  • sameer shami - 11 years ago

    Vaders helmet! the end all and be all of sci fi tyranny!

  • "born in a small town in Iowa" Capt. Kirk - 11 years ago

    Star Trek we have come a long way by Gene's Vision. Also my the way to one of the comments by a cbrg148 "that thingy that docs press against your neck and cure whatever you have," Sorry but I have to help you out that "thingy" is called a hypospray which we have now and it is in use. It basically blasts the meds through your skin cells with air vs. a needle ouch who likes needles. Star trek has advanced our technolgy with all those gadgets.

  • Felis - 11 years ago

    Cricket phaser... but...!
    Generally there is just more gadgets in Star Trek. Problem is that all of them look like plastic toys that somehow get the job done.
    In Star Wars on the other hand (and I'm talking just about a cassic - as far as I'm concerned episodes 1-3 never happend) all equipement looks like it was really build out of something more sturdy than tin foil and could actually work. You just don't have to suspend your disbelief as much as in Star Trek.

  • cbrg148 - 11 years ago

    STAR TREK. There are so many! Holodeck. Transporters. Type I and II phasers (which can kill, stun, or heat rocks for warmth). Communicators (do we EVER see anyone in SW communicate from the surface to space with something as small as any of the communicators?Heck no..Obi Wan had to set up a mini Direct TV dish), Tricorders (Science and Medical), that thingy that docs press against your neck and cure whatever you have, DATA (sorry C3PO) and...the most awesome...Warp Drive.

    Yes, you have Hyperspace in SW, but that is the Speed of Light. Warp 1 is the speed of light. Warp 8 is the speed of light to the 8th Power!! Duuude.

    One last thought...remember when Vader loses the Falcon because they made the jump to Hyperspace? The Enterprise can still track a ship even at Warp 8. The Falcon has no where to run.

    Again. Star Trek.

  • Wilford - 11 years ago

    Neither. It was that nifty pool in Cocoon.

  • Rothaar - 11 years ago

    Being only a casual fan of both series, I give the edge to Star Wars and the lightsaber. The lightsaber is iconic in a way that no Star Trek gadgetry can match. Star Trek's flagship (hehe) technologies were the phaser, the transporter, the holodeck, the communicator badge, and the photon torpedo. I don't see any of them coming close to having the pop culture impact that the lightsaber has had. From Star Wars kid, to the hundreds of amateur saber duel videos on youtube, to the multitude of toy replicas in circulation, to the appearance of Darth Vader doing a Michael Jackson dance while brandishing a saber on Britan's Got Talent... it goes on endlessly.

    Star Trek is great, and many of its technologies are items that I genuinely think we will see some day. The lightsaber is something I highly doubt will ever be possible or even all that useful, but I want one desperately.

  • Darnell Clayton - 11 years ago

    Serenity! :-)

    I just had to say it!

  • batmyke - 11 years ago

    BSG - two words: CYLON. SKINJOB. No amount of transporters, lightsabers, phasers or shields are much good if your enemy walks freely among you, unrecognized...

  • ivyg - 11 years ago

    Star Trek, hands down. We wouldn't even have cell phones without the Communicator first. Star Trek made modern gadgets seem possible, and then they got invented. I want to know if a phaser would be covered under the Heller ruling?

  • Jay - 11 years ago

    Going Star Trek-

    holodeck and replicators...

  • RTM - 11 years ago

    Star Wars hands down. Imperial Star Destroyers, Speeder Bikes, Light Sabers, Blasters, The Millennium Falcon, Droids... it's just a lot more rich than Star Trek or Babylon 5...

    I'd throw Alien / Aliens in there as well though. Very gritty and realistic look at possible future tech. Hibernation Pods, Pulse Rifles, Androids, Super Computers, Mining Ships, Dropships, Realtime Troop Monitoring...

  • Sean Holden - 11 years ago

    Seeing as Star Wars was set "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away," I'm not sure how it qualifies for a "most futuristic gadgets" vote.

  • Madbuster - 11 years ago


    Pulse Rifle, Smart Gun, Drop Ship, Sleep Chambers, Motion Trackers, Flame Throwers....ect.

  • Crazy - 11 years ago

    Hands down Star Trek. Star Wars may have cool ships like the Death Star (which takes an entire armada in Star Trek) or quirky droids like R2, but there's way cooler *gadgets* in Star Trek.

    Hand phasers vs blasters? Tricorders vs ??? Dermal regenerators vs ???. Microscopic in-ear universal translators vs Protocol Droids? Voice activated computers vs. funky mainframe era computers? Rocket boots vs rocket packs? Autonomous holo emmiter vs ???

    R2 is cool, but who wouldn't want to have an Emergency Medical Hologram/Door Stop in the event of a Borg Invasion?

    And, their holographic communicators actually transmit in color without all of the glitches unlike in Star Wars... of course, only two ships in the entire fleet have them and they were only used for one episode.

  • Matt - 11 years ago

    Stargate, the series, not the movie. The Asgard and Ancient technology specifically.

  • Ashoka - 11 years ago

    Overall I think that 'Wars is a better series than 'Trek, but it doesn't have the transporters and the holodecks (it makes "everyday" technology ~look like~ everyday technology), but it doesn't have the transporters nor does it seem to have anything like holodecks. The phasers seem to have greater versatility than blasters and turbolazers.

  • Keith Fletcher - 11 years ago

    lightsabers are nice, but R2D2 is the best gadget ever

  • angrycdn - 11 years ago

    B5's capital ships.

  • vagabundog - 11 years ago

    lightsabers anytime.
    c'mon, swords made of light!

  • Lee - 11 years ago

    Light sabre

  • Kris Browne - 11 years ago

    Babylon 5. Two words - Techno-mage.

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