Do you already own a Kindle?


  • osbeaver - 8 years ago

  • osbeaver - 8 years ago

  • sdf - 10 years ago

  • aiden - 12 years ago

  • vinod_danims - 14 years ago

    can u explain what is kindle how its works>?>>

  • alanany - 14 years ago

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  • Josh Williams - 14 years ago

    Man... thanks for making me get the "I-Wants"....

    Sweet new stuff on WP... thanks!

  • MattRogowski - 14 years ago

    For those of you who don't know what it is, Google/WikiPedia is your friend :)

    I haven't got one but have been thinking about it.

  • honeykoh - 14 years ago

    i dont even know what is kindle means? can u explain it so i let it know.thanks

  • Cyndy Otty - 14 years ago

    There's now the Kindle DX, too. ;)

  • Hannah ( sporty96. - 14 years ago

    I really dont even know what a knidle is. But it would help me out if you visit my website! There are really cool stuff on it. I really need some more views and comments. I want to show people that i have an awsome website. Please!!!

  • Betsy - 14 years ago

    Read on that the new Kindle DX is $489!!!,7530.msg156376.html#msg156376

  • Leslie - 14 years ago

    I own both a Kindle 1 and a Kindle 2. You should include that as an option.


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