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Which is more important to you - Craigslist or South Carolina? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 2,871

  • AdamH - 14 years ago

    Michael, I was more sympathetic to you when you were spat upon before this post.

  • homeBiscuitsAndGravy - 14 years ago

    the very thought of South Carolina gives me a very bad case of gas (got Beano?)

  • joeanton - 14 years ago

    I was once accused of bringing a book into South Carolina.

    Craigslist gets the nod.


  • webwriter - 14 years ago

    Why is having a 92% Christian population a downside? I would think that having a community which includes that many folks dedicated to serving their neighbors would be a net positive. Just a thought......

  • farmcoolgames - 14 years ago

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  • Eliasm - 14 years ago

    You can be sure Canada does not want to join the union - the quality of life is far better.

  • TChed - 14 years ago

    I just lol'd so hard.

  • jeadly - 14 years ago

    OK, imagine if SC threatened to put auto maker CEOs behind bars because cars can be used to solicit prostitution. As a result all new cars are produced without passenger doors, even those not intended for use in SC.

    Personally I'd rather they just stop doing business in SC than let grandstanding politicians push their misguided attempts at "values-based reform" on individuals from other districts, states and countries.

  • Richard - 14 years ago

    Does TechCrunch have an RSS feed of all posts EXCEPT those from Michael Arrington?

  • Jim - 14 years ago

    As a resident of South Carolina, I will agree that the lawsuit is absurd, probably more absurd than this post - if that were possible. I love craigslist and use it semi-frequently, however, your whole post is absolutely ridiculous.

    I am really not easily offended, maybe its because its late, but this post really ticks me off. First to secede in 1860, former slave state, KKK chapters, and Christianity? Are you retarded, seriously? There are more than a handful of states with active KKK chapters, there are 50 states with a sizable percentage of Christians and 10 other states also seceded and permitted slavery in the 1860s. Though, I don't see how any of this is relevant at all to a pointless lawsuit which will most likely not go anywhere. Your arrogant post serves absolutely no purpose other than proving what an arrogant asshole you are, Arrington.

    I'm in absolute awe that any professional TECH blog would even post this sort of content! You're absolutely entitled to your opinion, express it however you want. Maybe next time you should choose a more appropriate forum.

  • Kevin - 14 years ago

    Arlington is buddies with the Carlyle group ( the same company that owns Chrysler yet wouldn't give nardelli a dime to keep Chrysler afloat so Narelli had to go to DC and bleed the American taxpayers). . need i say more.

  • Kevin - 14 years ago

    Asad Akbar
    sorry to burst your bubble but everyone but maybe 2 people. it looks like the same old scenario. hire like you . too much of any one idea is rubbish. no wonder its a think tank of stink.

  • Asad Akbar - 14 years ago

    @kevin Sorry to burst your bubble, but you might want to check that about page again.

  • kevin - 14 years ago

    this question resulted in me deleting tech crunch from my reader and bookmark. what racist question is this. i've spent a lot of time in several SC states and there are very good people there. the implications in the introduction of this question are not even funny but rather show a small minded person who stereotypes and paints an entire state with one paint brush. get some life experience and re-post a new question.

    BTW: Go to TechCrunch's about page . Everyone is lilly white . No diversity at all . Talk about racist. I guess it takes one to know one.

  • MadAir - 14 years ago

    Okay, so maybe I wouldn't seriously want to get rid of South Carolina, but I bet even a majority of South Carolinians would gladly send a certain grandstanding politician on an extended vacation to Somalia if they could just keep their Craigslist.

  • Stephan - 14 years ago

    Make DC the 50th state!!!

  • matt - 14 years ago

    Thanks Tom. I was confused. I thought Canada was also a territory. I've always heard of it referred to as US Lite....

  • tom bullock - 14 years ago

    umm just to point this out Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory but Canada is a sovereign nation I dont think there's much of a chance making it a US state.

  • john - 14 years ago

    Yan - you're full of yourself. getting rid of an attorneys general wont shut down a state. It'd actually probably be better off without that moron. Shutting down craigslist will hurt alot of people globally (yes craigslist is global, not just limited to the USA).

    Wait a minute -- you're from SC..ok I get it now. not.

  • Rob Brewer - 14 years ago

    Definitely liked the post. Been to S.C. and won't be going back. Use Craigslist daily. I agree with Arrington, close the South Carolina Craigslist sites. Problem goes away immediately.

  • Kyle - 14 years ago

    Yeah, Techcrunch, because only "liberal assholes" disapprove of slavery.

  • Yan Herndon - 14 years ago

    your reference to slave state and tobacco are obvious attempts to pull at some liberal assholes heartstrings. Probably the same guys that are looking for Strange on craigslist. South Carolina is a state. Craigslist is a website. the 150 bil SC produces is more important than my used grill I need to sell.

    TechCrunch has had a few of these crap posts in the last week. How about get back to tech stuff.

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