Which Robot is Deadlier?

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Posted 10 years.


  • Cameron - 10 years ago

    Without a weapon Cap6 wouldn't stand a chance... ever. With a weapon, OT is hard to knock out. Cap6 would get torn apart with the simplest of weapons. Both can be resurrected, cloned, duplicated, etc. I fail to see where Cap6 has any advantage really.

  • Rick - 10 years ago

    @ Keith, didn't Skynet to the same thing with humanity? Your dismissing the fact that Caprica was a leader within the Cylons, what did OT lead? Nothing

  • Troy - 10 years ago

    The only thing that could top the OT would be a robotic Chuck Norris!

  • Keith - 10 years ago

    The Cylons did wipe out nearly all of the people from 12 planets but they pretty much took the pussy way out. "Hey, let's just lob a bunch of nukes in there and let the one true god sort them out." Hope I didn't spoil anything for anyone.

    Sure, 6 can resurect, but the OT would just wait outside the resurection tank and just kill her each time she emerged from the ooze - eventually making into a game. "Green light..... DIE! You'll be back!" in my best AS accent.

    OT vs a "toaster" would be a better fight but those cylons were always taken out with far less damage than the OT ever took.

    Not even a competition. If Caprica had even a single OT the cylons would not have survived the original war to come back and try again.

  • Jay - 10 years ago


    No kidding we get that part lots of lives lost. Caprica 6 is not that special, she is hotter though. ;) . Deadlier I think not, I can get a in car and go on a killing spree kills lots of things, does that make me deadlier? That is what Caprica 6 did, she gave a BJ to Baltar, implanted some secret information in a computer, and there push a button colonies all gone.

    Now take a swarm of C6 and the resurrection ship, a swarm of OT who would win? Even include the resurrected C6 after swarm, by the time they make a easy-bake oven copy of C6 the OT is probally on his way up to the Base Star to kill everything in sight.

  • Rorro - 10 years ago

    Oh come on people!, a Terminator can kill a lot of people, but Caprica Six manage to kill (almost) the whole population from twelve planets!

    Get your figures straight.

  • Jay - 10 years ago

    Why must you torment me with this question, ARGHH! I think they are equally bad ass, but that's not the question. Ok so I think it comes down to, how many Cylons would it take to beat down the Orginal terminator. In my estimate from the show I think there would need to be a whole brigade of Six Cylons to finally deactivate the OT. Weapon versus weapon, lets see in BSG the weapons are similar to today's type of firearms, the OT is not going down easy. Even the Centurians get shot with a heavy load, and just lay on the floor in pieces fire off a couple of extra shots and die. I think think the orginaly terminator would just blast off a round here and there, tear into flesh, then when he is out of ammo, just start snapping necks until the Six can be resurrected. My win the OT again.

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