Which Robot is Deadlier?

Poll choices

  • poppa - 10 years ago

    This is just a bunch of prepubescent girls voting on what they're more familiar with.
    Megatron's a little Nancy and Mechagodzilla is all that is awesome.

  • Cameron - 11 years ago

    Who is voting for these wimps? Mecha would own MT. Bigger monster, shoots laser beams along with a dozen other weapons and better armor. It isn't even a fight.

  • MechaGodzilla - 11 years ago

    Megatron? I thought you were talking about my toothpick.

  • Keith - 11 years ago

    mechagodzilla has to breath on megatron with radioactive fire metal melting breath and its over

  • James - 11 years ago

    Mechagodzilla uses buildings larger than Megatron as bean-bag chairs. Enough said.

  • Daniel - 11 years ago

    How about GORT?

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