Which Robot Is Deadlier?

  • david - 11 years ago

    lets think about this clearly.
    Sentinels - were destroyed with ease by any member of the xmen, they dont have a forcefield, move very very slow, are not super intelligent and are controlled from a external location.

    Megatron - Nearly Indestructible due to its force field, super fast, super intelligent and can probably hack the human made sentinel and in turn control it.

  • Cameron - 11 years ago

    A regular sentinel would get monkey stomped by MT. Tri-Sentinel would be a good fight. Nimrod (a future sentinel) would outright destroy MT. In this case, I would assume we are talking about a single normal Sentinel which get routinely beat up by some fairly wussy mutants. MT wins.

  • Marko - 11 years ago

    Megatron isn't really a machine, he should be into something like "the deadliest bionic alien" or something like that.

  • jack - 11 years ago

    First the reason Sentinels took over the planet is because there were so many of them made. This is about a one on one battle. Think of how easily they were defeated

  • jeremy - 11 years ago

    how is the Sentinel not winning.

  • mackenzie - 11 years ago

    Yeah, megatron is lame. He should not have made it this far.

  • Dave - 11 years ago

    Clearly, everyone is smoking crack.

    The Sentinels pretty much took over the planet. Megatron was routinely thwarted by a douchebag kid and a yellow VW bug.

  • Roger Brown - 11 years ago

    What about the robot from "The day the Earth stood still"

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