Which Robot is Deadlier?

  • Caprica 6 (Battlestar Galactica)
    5,598 votes

  • The Gunslinger (Westworld) backed up by Fembots (Austin Powers)
    2,364 votes


Posted 10 years.


  • nhmcho - 10 years ago

    what about the red queen from resident evil???

  • Shoruk - 10 years ago

    The original Terminator should have taken Cap 6 out... I can't believe people couldn't put hotness to the side for such an epic tournament.

  • kaFIEN - 10 years ago

    cap6 can resurrect!

    The fem bots blew their load after some bad-toothed brit shock his junk at them.

    And while Westworld is an awesome flick, he dies too.

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