Which Robot is the Deadliest of All-Time?

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  • bang - 12 years ago

    gort destroys every thing and anything gort wins hands

  • steve - 12 years ago

    at least i don't insult people unessarly

  • Montel - 12 years ago

    your all science fiction nerds

  • Montel - 12 years ago

    Remember, Gort has no genitalia, rendering Caprica powerless. Gort all the way!

  • he doesnt need to move - 12 years ago

    one blink of his eye and your gone, if she was trying to attack gort she would be gone before she could move

  • bluejay - 12 years ago

    But Gort just stands there. When he finally does move, his speed is .5 mph. There has to be a way around his power! Plus, he's using 1950's technology! Think about it. He's vulnerable! Caprica Six can squash him!

  • GORT - 12 years ago

    one shot and all weapons where gone in a poof.
    One shot and the whole planet would be gone!!!

  • tom - 12 years ago

    whoever is voting so fast on this poll, 100 a second... Please contact me I could use some extra votes in the contest im in, reach me at lovesacbribes@gmail.com

  • Malacandra - 12 years ago

    Caprica Six may have only been one of the Cylons who obliterated the 12 colonies... but she was the *essential* Cylon. Had she not successfully received access to the colonies' defense systems, the surprise attacks that resulted in billions of deaths would never have succeeded.

    Gort can wreak havoc on a planet, but Caprica Six murdered the populations on a dozen worlds.

  • steve - 12 years ago

    as Jay says, "facilitated." she one of many who helped execute the destruction of colonies.

    it's gort.

  • Cameron - 12 years ago

    Caprica 6 really? Gort can basically destroy any advanced civilization and leave the world in tact. To our knowledge he cannot be destroyed and nobody knows how many other civilizations he has destroyed before he came to earth. Cap6 is squishy and while she can regen if the a ship is close enough, but nobody knows how powerful Gorts ship is. Besides, I would rather not be destroyed in the first place. Cap6 needs all kinds of weapons and none are known to work on the world destroyer Gort. Gort could easily dispatch Cap6. BTW if you haven't seen The Day the Earth Stood Still and you are voting, you are an idiot (not necessarily stupid). Go watch the movie and check our Forbidden Planet while you are at it.

  • j - 12 years ago

    who cares? We're all going to die. I prefer to die looking at Caprica 6!

  • Ivy - 12 years ago

    Caprica Six, as a representative of the entire Cylon race, is much more deadly. I didn't see the newer TDTESS, but the old Gort had potential to destroy -- he didn't actually wipe out a entire planet in the movie, much less 12 of them. And btw Brian, I'm not voting with my schlong, thank you very much. I'll take the kinetic energy of Caprica Six over the potential energy of Gort any day!

  • Jay - 12 years ago

    I've never seen 'the day the earth stood still' so I can't speak to the lethality of 'GORT'. But I have seen ALL of BSG. Six facilitated the death of BILLIONS of people. To put this in perspective, if each of the 12 colonies had half of earths current population, she would have been responsible for 36 BILLION deaths. What machine in sci-fi caused that kind of fictional death toll? Plus, have you seen that dress? Case Closed!

  • MAXX - 12 years ago

    Come on ppl don't you know your canon? Gort is a SINGLE representative for a hole policing force of interstellar communities who has been doing this for lawd only knows how long. Cap 6 is a devil in a red dress who turned out to only be a part of the cylon problem/solution. Put it in context people. Gort wins. Gort Wins every time. Mano e Mano, he smacks cap 6 across the room and dusts her. Fleet vs. Fleet, the cylons are presumably no match. What is she going to do, try the Ellen Tigh 'swirl' on him? Come on he doesn't even have a zipper.

    That said.. Cap 6 is yummay but she has no chance against the baddassery that is GORT.

  • afb - 12 years ago

    Caprica all the way! I've never seen a single episode of Battlestar Galactica.. nor have I seen either of The Day The Earth Stood Still.. but come on.. the cleavage!!

    It's simple, really.. what's your reaction upon seeing either one of those in real life??:
    Gort: Run away!
    Caprica: Umm.. uhh.. mammmamamma droool

  • the doctor - 12 years ago

    yah. but which one succeeded in killing off more humans. and is this new gort or old gort?

  • brian - 12 years ago

    Gort would totally Win !! Caprica wouldn't stand a chance. She's a hottie yes but come on stop voting with your Shillong guys

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