Which Robot is Deadlier?


  • eric - 13 years ago

    Walter that is beutiful * tear but in seriousness i would say they would just both kill each other because wall e can pick up heavy things wand would just pickup johny and drop him and in his last moment johnny would shoot his laser and wall e would die

  • davy - 13 years ago

    this may not be about the subject but what about terminator vs grievous.Because i asked this because of how boring it go with wall-e and joohnny-5.

  • davy - 13 years ago

    the thing about wall.e is that he lacks of back up power there for johnny.5 could last longer if they were in a fight within a stage with no lights. there for wall.e could not recharge his power. Johnny.5 could clone him self almost exactly like himself and use it as a decoy to trick wall.e and sneak behind him and atack.

  • davy - 13 years ago

    hey! do not forget both can ultimently repier 70% damage,both do learn pripty darn fast, both of them have laser capabilities(well i doupt wall-e's laser would macth j5's 25-megaton laser "like the the mailman carrying bad news through main street MOSCOW" like Skreoden said in the presntation in Nova laboratory) ,and both deid and came back to life :via electricshocks/wave or restorations or love to bring back there memories ps. never ask such question like that it breaks my heart because i'm a robot/droid freak exept bender from futurama he sucks!

  • Josh - 13 years ago

    One word.... Eve..... Shes a bad ass! and would completely own johnny nr 5...... besides wally has a laser too : P

  • Rob Jedi - 13 years ago

    People seem to forget Wall E also had a laser, he cut a fridge in half with it early in the film. So it's a pretty even match.

  • Tyson - 13 years ago

    Wall-E has backup.. that nasty mean white friend of his would swoop in and smoke Johnny Five.

  • Scarfield - 13 years ago

    Johnny nr 5 had a laser gun! If i remember it right.

  • Walter - 13 years ago

    They are put on a ring, like in 'robot wars'. Wall-e avoids J5's laser attacks, cutting it close several times. Johnny is being controlled by a remote, Wall-e cannot be controlled, since he does not have that interface, but he's given a weapon, an electrical discharge. J5 overwrites the command protocol and breaks loose of the control, he communicates with Wall-e via morse-code. Wally understands, since he has seen it in so many movies. They device a plan to escape the ring. they escape by using Johnny's laser and Wall-e zaps security guards left and right. They find other battle bots, some damaged. Wall-e finds spare parts around and fixes them. The battle bots join our two friends. They escape to the outside... Johnny is concerned for the humans they hurt, Wall-e reassures him, they rove away towards the sun (wall-e picks an empty soda can from the floor and stuffs it in it's compactor). Fin

  • ihadira - 13 years ago

    awww man, these two are the sweetest bots ever, why make them fight? that is messed up...

  • Sharkface - 13 years ago

    wall-e by default. johnny 5 USED to be the star in the military robotics crown, but hes since converted to Buddhism. hes completely pacifist now. the clock would run out, and wall-e would be declared the victor.

  • Alin S - 13 years ago

    I can't vote in this poll... wanna know why, THERES NO DAMN OPTION FOR "These two bot's dont have anything for each other they are two totally unrelated bots"

    In my opinion WALL-E would do better for survivorship but not deadliness. Johnny 5 with the laser wins deadly but not survivorship for breaking from a drop from a crane. end of story, poll may CLOSE now. haha.

  • Johnwys - 13 years ago

    However, Johnny5 has a military grade sci-fi-movie-style super laser strapped to his back...

  • SKRuBAUL - 13 years ago

    WALL-E survived over 700 years, has been bashed and beaten and keeps on going. Johnny broke from getting dropped by a crane!

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