Pick the Blackbird (TwitterBrew) label design (follow @OdellBrewing for details) (Poll Closed)


  • D - 11 years ago

    My favorite is D. This would make a great label. I hope it wins. The artist is obviously talented and the design is superb.

  • Schipper - 11 years ago

    Image J is technically a Red-winged Blackbird and Image D is more like a Brewer's Blackbird which is somewhat fitting for a brewery. Also I agree that Image D is a good fit for the type of art work/lables that Odell's already has. Good art work none the less!

    PS. I'm pretty sure Image F is a wren. nice try though.

  • Bobby - 11 years ago

    You all realize that B is a rip off of Drinky Crow, right?


    Just don't want anyone getting a lawsuit.

    Go Letter J!

  • Pam Davis - 11 years ago

    Love "B" - but then again, I like retro-ish, quirky stuff. My 2nd favorite is "H."

  • Ted Harty - 11 years ago

    D is really sick. Fits the style of Odell's

  • Erica Campbell - 11 years ago

    Thanks to anyone who has voted for H! I just wanted to point out that it's barley for malts that the blackbird is carrying, and hops of course! I wanted to keep it simple, now I'm wondering if I should have added color, and wishing I had a scanner! :) The photo makes it look off-white, but it's just plain white art vellum. Wish I had cropped the pic, too, but oh c'est la vie! It's fun seeing it compete with professionals' work!

  • Cathy Campbell - 11 years ago

    I love H. It is original. I love the wheat and whimsy. Vote for H.

  • Chad - 11 years ago

    I think "J" looks like a classic German schwarzbier take on the Odell look...

  • Jake - 11 years ago

    C'mon people, really? I never knew that Odell's was brewing a Jack Daniels beer. That's seriously what J looks like. Or, well, any bourbon label for that matter. I think D matches the look of other Odell labels perfectly, vote for that one!

  • Gigi - 11 years ago

    I love "B," though the others are pretty good. I don't like the incorporation of the Twitter style because I don't think it adds to the branding of the Odell's label. I love that "b" gives a not to the Beatles; very clever.

  • kyle Pedersen - 11 years ago

    i like D b/c i feel as though the style fits in well with past Odell labels. D has a more classic feel that does not have a gimmicky or trendy look to it. I do not like A and others b/c it looks too modern and over time will reflect an era or style. I love Odell lables because they are classic through both images and lettering.

    Good luck in your quest in continuing to produce some of the most eye-catching beer labels around.

  • Toonces - 11 years ago

    I like B, broken with and drinky 'x' eyes. D does a good job of incorporating the current label style. I also really like the style of I -- it has elements of the current label style, with a slightly more "tech" look.

    So hard, they are all pretty great. I choose B

  • Katharine Dominguez - 11 years ago

    B is by far the most clever, colorful, and magnifiCENT of all!! The design is witty, fun, and makes me want to crack open a brew right now!!

  • Suzanne - 11 years ago

    I is personally my favorite. I like the hand-drawn "O'Dell-esque" blackbird and then the small black twitter birds around it. I also like that the twitter light blue was used.

    I also like D, although it doesn't reference Twitter at all.

    I agree that J looks like a whiskey label and doesn't fit the O'Dell style. Also, agree that A is more a popularity contest vote, not really a fan.

  • Odell Brewing - 11 years ago

    If you want to look at the labels after you've voted go here: http://www.twitpic.com/62hbn
    Wish polldaddy could display the images with the results, but it's not happening.

    And don't forget to stop by the Blackbird release party May 30th at the brewery in Fort Collins!

  • J - 11 years ago

    J now? People, let's bring D to the top! This is an Odell's beer, not a Jack Daniels look alike contest.

  • H. Driver - 11 years ago

    D works from the branding pov ... good, solid design. I wish it had some of the whimsy of the others, however. A border above with the characters TWEETWEETWEET, or incorporating the sly Tweet of J.

  • Rhythm Design - 11 years ago

    You know D rocks it! The design hits the nail on the head when it comes to the "woodcut" look. Nicely done earthtone color scheme too.

  • Doug P. - 11 years ago

    I'd love a print of D - very true to the Odell style! Big fan.

  • Erin - 11 years ago

    D hands down. It looks like a real Odell label. There are a lot of good ones there, but I'm afraid A is getting a popularity vote and is a Twitter rip-off, and J is awesome, but just doesn't fit with Odells quite as well as D.

  • Michelle - 11 years ago

    Like many have already said, design D definitely has the Odell’s look. After all, it is an Odell’s brew, not a Twitter promotional item. It looks like the designer used Twitter’s blue and brown for the colors. I wonder if the birds coming out of the tree represent the Twitter community? (Uh oh… I’m starting to sound like a professor discussing symbolism.) Anyways, way to go artists! Congrats to A,B,D,H & I for remembering to use the Odell’s logo.

  • Todd - 11 years ago

    J has that classic look and that much needed Twitter nod. Considering its the first TwitterBrew it makes sense and the artist paid attention to the detail. A perfect Odell label if you ask me... but all of them are pretty good.

  • ann - 11 years ago

    I was really torn between D and H - this is my unofficial vote for both. (I officially voted for D though, think it fits best with the current branding.)

  • James - 11 years ago

    Well done designers. These are impressive. But as for A winning? Can't we do better than a direct ripoff from Twitter? It looks nice, don't get me wrong. I just think there are some better ones in the mix. I'll take D. Nice job of incorporating the Odell look. I'm sure someone is saying "so it's okay to rip the Odell look, but not Twitter?" Umm...yep. They're the one's making it & serving it, so it might as well fit their branding.

  • T. - 11 years ago

    Vote for D... I did because it is an appealing classic design and would have long-lasting brand recognition for decades to come!

  • mary - 11 years ago

    LOVE them all! Wow--really talented people--I have to say that I think D and I are my top favs. D really pays homage to Odells. Branding, after all, is extremely important in any new product. I is just plain awesome. The bird illustration is totally Odell's--and they used the Twitter font (alba?) which is just clever/cool. But I really do love them all--great work everyone!!!!

  • Virgil Dickerson - 11 years ago

    We are a little bit biased, but we love A. Vote on A. Brandon, the designer who came up with the A label works for Suburban Home and Vinyl Collective.

  • Mark & Dee - 11 years ago

    J looks like a whiskey label.
    B is fun and gets our second vote

  • Jeffrey Martin - 11 years ago

    They look awesome! You guy's rock.

  • G. Guest - 11 years ago

    J is the best. Subtle nod to twitter, yet Odell.

  • Jeremiah Wall - 11 years ago

    I think whomever drew up this one nailed the O'dell look the best.

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