What Would You Have Named Microsoft's New Search Engine?


  • Alex - 14 years ago

    well i think bing is fine its not bad

  • seiichiro - 14 years ago

    Using as a verb, bing is not so bad, I think.
    Anyway I like its results.

  • jack - 14 years ago

    Yhoogle... After failing to acquire Yahoo and with a dream to beat Google.

  • Waldorf - 14 years ago

    Well since it's from Microsoft, I think "Crap" would have been most appropriate. Or even better, how about "Swindle" or "Banal"?

  • Alexiad - 14 years ago

    Best Poll I've seen in the last 3 min!

  • DB - 14 years ago

    I love it when people come to a site only to say how "dumb" it is.
    Then why in the hell are you here - dummy.
    If its so damn dumb why waste your precious time.

    I like Bing - Sift is too close to Sh*t

  • I'm not you - 14 years ago

    Who really cares? Call it for what it will be... crap.

  • neovaio - 14 years ago

    kumo means a spider in Japanese.


  • Antonello - 14 years ago

    Dumb project

  • Caio - 14 years ago

    Dumb poll

  • Chuck - 14 years ago


  • Raaga - 14 years ago


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