What should be government's response to the rubbish bin scandal?

  • Mujahardin - 12 years ago

    Fair and very accuate reporting of the issues in a most eloquent manner. This piece definitely compliments the great investigative and reporting work of Lennox Linton. May God bless the author. Dominica is certainly in dangerous and evil hands. May God deliver us.

  • Jackson - 12 years ago

    Clearly, the PM is on the wrong side of this issue. Doing the right thing means allowing the Police to do their work and letting the chips fall where they might.

  • joan - 12 years ago

    the chief ofpolice should according to the constitution open an investigation if he does not then the director of public prosecution should do so but it is my view people holding these public position s are afraid to rock the boat. but they must remember that they have a higher authority to answer to.

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